Why Mercury is the Metal of Communication

Mercury is probably the strangest substance in the universe and holds a special place in the world of mineral balancing.

This metal must be understood, comprehended, and dealt with if we are ever to have some resemblance of normalcy regarding our health. 

So what is it about this mysterious liquid metal which happens to be the only metal that has kept its liquid form since the beginning of time?

In the birth history of this beautiful planet millions and millions of years ago, ALL minerals were liquid. 

Mercury has kept its magical youthfulness through the millennia—and it is no coincidence that Mercury is the youngest planet in our solar system. 

The only other element on the table that is liquid at room temperature is Bromide, but classically, it is not metal as we refer it to as one of the halogens, for which the name halogen means “the salt maker.”

Mercury, the planet, is the second densest planet in our solar system just behind the earth, and mercury, the metal, is twice as dense as iron, which at first thought, was counterintuitive in my mind. 

More astonishing is that it is 14 times heavier than water, and yet it remains liquid under normal temperatures. 

This metallic water substance has fascinated alchemists and chemists since the beginning of time, because of its transformative qualities, as it is the metal that amalgamates like no other! 

It readily forms other compounds by dissolving other metals forming amalgams as only the connecting forces of mercury can do.

Furthermore, it also combines with carbon and nitrogen compounds that typically are restricted for most metals, while having a strong repulsion to oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water, opposite of copper and iron that have a love affair with oxygen and water. 

In fact, only 4 minerals on the periodic table of elements do not bond with mercury—the most notable exception being IRON, which is why iron containers are used to store and contain mercury, and the other three notables would be platinum, tungsten, and tantalum

More fascinating fun facts about this mutable metal is its capacity to be in three different states of matter. 

The ubiquitous liquid form we have seen our entire lives is in thermometers and barometers

In its solid state, you’ll find it in the shiny silver fillings in our teeth, or when mercury transforms from liquid to a gas when we turn on the fluorescent lamps overhead, or maybe at a night game at Soldiers Field where the mercury-vapor lamps are bringing light to darkness shining up the stadium! 

Mercury has chameleon-like qualities that are evident in all of its states of matter as this valent temperament capricious metal is always on the move, as only quicksilver can do. 

It can lose its form in solution to become a crystalline structure by its transformative amalgamating qualities that will change a tissue on a dime as even the alchemist referred this metal to the 'materia prima' of transformation.

The Mercury planet archetypes are connection and communication which can be between people and all mediums of communication whether, through writing, speech, travel, internet, telepathy, radio, satellite, smoke signals, or whatever as mercury is inclusive of any form of communication. 

Mercury with its quick capricious witty energy is changing like the wind, hence the air element, whereas the moon is changing like the water. 

So as we can see, the qualities of mercury are mutable, adaptable, flexible, changing, witty, tricky, clever, and quick. 

Mercury is often spoken of as the planet of the mind with its capacity for communication embodied in the air element, for which today all communication is happening via frequencies through the airwaves. 

Through the law of correspondence, mercury encapsulates the principle of communication. 

In higher animals, it is the brain and nervous system that acts as a satellite of communication connecting everything from the body to the mind to the exterior world through the mercury principle. 

Understanding Mercury’s energy will help us see how it will be attracted to our nervous system of communication which is why this metal can have such a negative effect on our physical brain health.

When Mercury, not the planet but the metal of transformation, goes retrograde on your central intelligence, your health will spin in a retro movement of decline as your nerves of communication get short-circuited. 

Now, I am not even talking about the ‘bat shit crazy’, in your face 'mad as a hatter' acute mercury poisoning. 

I am referring to more of the incessant chronic drip feeding of mercury toxicity over our lifetimes that has hit critical mass, tipping the scales of balance toward a toxic mercury population as the rate of mercury build-up exceeds the rate of mercury excretion. 

We want to dig into our chronic mercury toxicity as a whole, but we need to know that toxicity is dose specific to the individual with many other factors involved, which means someone exposed to the same amount of mercury may be problematic in one person while being asymptomatic in another

Of course, the worst offender is methylmercury because it can pass through the placenta and cross the blood-brain barriers. 

We know mercury has no known biological roles and or functions in any living organism on a physical level, but yet it shows up explicitly in all animal forms destroying the body’s nervous system of communication. 

Energetically we see the various mercury profile pictures in potency within the similar homeopathic principles, 'Similia similibus curantur,' found in the mercury remedies, that become valuable aids when dealing with this most pernicious metal.

From my perspective, the more intriguing aspect of mercury is its negative impact and consequences on the entire mineral matrix of the body. 

Meaning, mercury toxicity, in essence, causes a mineral excess as well as causing mineral deficiencies for which this mineral excess and deficient state results in virtually any known illness to mankind.

Therefore, we can safely say as mercury goes retro so do your nutrient minerals as mercury (usually with a +2 charge) can grab the enzymatic parking spaces that should be filled and utilized by the +2 nutrient minerals such as Mg, Mn, Zn, Cu, Fe, and cobalt. 

This is what we call a mineral blockade, or as medical science refers to this blockade—channelopathies. 

In the presence of mercury, these +2 nutrient cation minerals will be disrupted and blocked in the transmembrane ion channels resulting in obvious nutrient deficiencies, but what is a harder concept to grasp is how it will also result in a nutrient excess state, which is just as detrimentally debilitating to the body. 

Therefore we can say, as a result of mercury displacing the nutrient minerals, we will have mineral deficiencies even when swimming in a sea of nutrients as well as excess nutrients that have been displaced as they cannot get to their preferred destinations which are usually on the active binding sites of the enzymes.

This results in our deficiency syndromes. 

While in the same breath, the nutrient minerals that have been displaced now become excessive, but obviously, more is not better as mineral excess has a twist of toxicity because these nutrient minerals are single, unbound, and free, roaming the body looking to bind to anything resembling a home since it has been evicted and displaced. 

So, the surplus nutrient minerals can be just as toxic as a heavy metal because they are capable of the Fenton reactions, meaning they will cause a deluge of biblical proportions of hydroxyl free radicals sticking and oxidizing the organs, tissues, and glands altering their function. 

So we can see that the problem with excess nutrients not getting to their preferred home, means they will find temporary residence in the wrong places at the wrong times as they donate their electrons and bind and oxidize the organs glands and tissues which results in a nutrient mineral behaving like a toxic metal.