Frequently Asked Questions


At Back to Natural Health, we try to cover all of the bases with our patients so that they feel they are getting the best care possible. Therefore, we thought it was helpful to create a list of commonly asked questions for your reference. Have a question for us that we haven't answered here? Feel free to give us a call! We would love to assist you.


Why choose functional medicine to conquer illness and disease?

Functional medicine emphasizes the fundamentals of health using holistic, time tested, and clincally proven treatments in combination with cutting edge technologies to get to the root cause of your symptoms.  To learn more, you can find a video of Dr. Selig explaining the principles of functional medicine here.

What can I expect during my first visit?

During your first consultation, our physicians will discuss your intake forms, major health complaints, health goals, and strategies to get you back on track with your health.  You can expect your initial consultation to take 60 to 90 minutes.

Do you accept insurance? 

While we offer care packages, we also accept most major insurance providers.  You will be reimbursed for any treatment that is covered by your insurance.  You can learn more about our care packages on our website.

Why do I need to purchase organic food during my treatment plan?

It is important to consume organic foods in order to avoid GMOs, pesticides, heavy metals, herbicides, chemical additives, preservatives, and fungicides.  These are harmful chemicals that cause inflamation in the body, disrupt hormones, and disturb the gut flora makng it difficult for your body to digest the food and absorb the nutrients properly.  Eating conventional and processed foods may inhibit your detoxification process by overstressing the liver and kidneys that are constantly working to rid your body of toxins.

Why is it necessary to include vitamins and mineral supplements in my treatment? Can't I get enough nutrients from food?

While it is necessary to buy organic, the organic food is not what it used to be.  Industrialized farming has deminerlized and depleted the soil.  Here at Back to Natural Health, we offer high quality nutritional supplements tested with state-of-the-art technology to ensure that you get all the essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs to heal.  Many illnesses will not allow the body to properly assimilate nutrients from food because of inflamation in the GI tract.  We provide lab tests to assess any deficiencies that need to be addressed.