Frequently Asked Questions

Are you accepting new patients?

Yes! Please fill out our new patient intake form to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Do you work with long distance patients?

We help patients both locally and around the world. Long distance patients will receive recommendations on where to go for therapies that cannot be performed in person.

How much does it cost? Do you accept insurance?

We do not accept insurance or public aid. We require payment upfront, and as soon as payment is received, we will begin by establishing a baseline using proper testing. If chiropractic therapy is part of your plan, a portion may be covered depending on your insurance provider. To get specific pricing, please fill out our new patient intake form and schedule your free consultation with Dr. Selig.

How much does a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) cost?

We do not offer a la carte testing because pricing varies depending on the patient’s individual plan. If you are looking to take a single test, we recommend you find a lab. Not only do our patients require ongoing testing in order to monitor progress, but they receive expert analysis and interpretation from Dr. Robert Selig based on decades of experience.

What if I have already taken some tests? Can you help analyze them?

Absolutely! Dr. Selig is known worldwide for his expertise in analyzing HTMAs to identify mineral imbalances behind chronic health problems, and in turn, this has helped patients heal faster and more effectively.

What can I expect during my free consultation?

Consultations are either in-person or virtually, and you can expect it to take 15 minutes. During your first consultation, we will discuss your intake form, address any major health concerns, and discuss what we do to help rebalance your body using nutritional medicine, detoxification, and natural therapies. Pricing depends on what a patient needs and can typically cost between $3.5-6k for us to manage your health for 5 months.

Why is functional medicine the best way to conquer illness and disease?

You are most likely accustomed to allopathic medicine which does not aim to heal your body because prescriptions only mask symptoms and create mineral imbalance. On top of that, invasive surgeries are unnecessary, expensive, and preventable. The way of the future is functional medicine which is about viewing the body as one whole integrated system instead of a collection of independent organs divided up by medical specialty. Functional medicine practitioners emphasize the fundamentals of health by identifying the root cause of the illness or disease and use holistic, time-tested, and scientifically proven treatments in combination with cutting edge modern technologies.

Why do I need to purchase organic food during my treatment plan?

It is important to consume organic foods in order to avoid GMOs, pesticides, heavy metals, herbicides, chemical additives, preservatives, and fungicides. These are harmful chemicals that cause inflammation in the body, disrupt hormones, and disturb the gut flora making it difficult for your body to digest food and absorb nutrients properly. Eating conventional and processed foods may inhibit your detoxification process by over-stressing the liver and kidneys that are constantly working to rid your body of toxins.

Why is it necessary to include vitamins and mineral supplements in my treatment? Can't I get enough nutrients from food?

While it is necessary to buy organic, organic food is not what it used to be and does not have the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals you need to get healthy.  Industrialized farming has de-mineralized and depleted the soil. We offer only the highest quality nutritional supplements tested with state-of-the-art technology to ensure that you get ALL of the essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs to heal. Many illnesses will not allow the body to properly assimilate nutrients from food because of inflammation in the GI tract.  We provide lab tests to assess any deficiencies that need to be addressed.

What if I am long distance and cannot make it to the office for therapy?

Long distance patients will receive recommendations for services and therapies in their local area.

Please fill out our new patient intake form in order for us to talk one-on-one with you and answer specific questions you have related to your health.