Patient testimonials

For years I woke up everyday feeling sick, depressed, and like I had no idea who I was. This past year has brought about some of the most profound changes I have ever experienced as I delve deeper into my healing journey and learn the wonders of natural medicine. I could not be more thankful to Dr. Selig and Maria for waking me up and helping me to see each day on this journey as a gift. To say that this experience has been life changing is an understatement.
— Cailee A.

I began the cleansing program with Maria and Robert last year. Since then, my palate has changed immensely, and so has my lifestyle. I’m sharper, healthier, stronger, happier, and more energetic. Life is better. Food really is medicine. I’ve never understood this principle until now. Back to Natural Health also has some of the best herbs, remedies, and supplements in the city!
— Emily F.

I was overweight, lethargic, and on a slew of medications. Dr. Selig and his wife, Maria, didn’t just tell me what to do, but they taught me how to make lifestyle changes by making me do the homework. Their method works.
— Josh D.

I lost 35 pounds and my headaches are gone–and I am very happy about that.
— Joseph K.

I lost 20 pounds in a little over 6 weeks–and my craving are gone!
— Laura S.

Dr. Selig helped save my gallbladder from removal. He saved my life.
— Maureen

Dr Robert is a great & dedicated healer! I am an avid middle aged martial artist & without his assistance, this would not be possible.
— Paul B.

Dr. Selig is a wonderful and caring doctor. He cares deeply for his patients and always goes the extra mile with them. He comes highly recommended for all your health care needs!
— Michael G.

I’ve been going here for a few months now and decided to wait before writing a review to see how my body was feeling and if I noticed improvements. I’ve waited. I have a bulging disc (l5 s1) which may or may not be the source of my lower back pain but either way I absolutely feel so much better. He is super interested in the body and nutrition and that’s a very welcomed extra for me that he will provide you with tons of information! I get to be educated throughout my readjustment. I have learned so much about minerals our body needs (btw, he has pushed nothing on me to buy) particularly, magnesium.
My moods are more stable, I feel lighter physically and emotionally. Come here if you are very serious about starting your path to optimal health - they will help you get there. When I first started seeing him I couldn’t sit for more than 20 min without severe back pain (say good -bye transatlantic flights) but I’m sitting now as I write this with no pain at all and I have been driving for last hour or so usually I’d have to lie down. Absolutely a good investment in your health and without health, well, what’s the point? Maria is wonderful as well just be prepared to get real about your health and where you’re at w life because she wants to help you and she can tell just by working your body through massage what is “off”.

Any type of ailment? I’d go here before any conventional western doctor. These people know their stuff and really care about healing from inside out. Western doctors will just give you a prescription to mask your problem and that is not the answer. Your body is telling you there is something that needs to be addressed...
— Susan P.

This is the place to be if you do not feel well. Also, the place to be if you are feeling well and want to stay that way–living healthy.
— Stoyko T.

So blessed to know Dr. Selig for all the knowledge I’ve learned from him. He’s one of a kind. Been seeing him for almost a decade.
— Theresa G.

Dr. Robert is very knowledgeable and will get you back on track!
— Caroline C.