The Underlying Message of a Calcified Heart

Q: Is a calcified heart valve in an elderly person reversible? Or is this the end result of calcification issues?  Mainstream doctors want to operate to remove calcification.


In my experience, it is very difficult to remove the calcium deposits once they have fully calcified, but it is not impossible. 

The main goal is to prevent it from getting worse, which is where a nutritional program helps. 

The person must be willing to make the changes to reverse or slow down his or her calcific plaques. 

More than likely, these plaques are not only in the valves of their heart but also in their joints, brain, and other organs

As I have been saying, this is the disease that gets us all in the end. 

So, this condition can be helped, but it will take serious work and lifestyle changes. 

If the patient is not willing to make the changes, do not waste your time.

The surgery may buy them a year or two depending on how they replace or remove the valve or calcium plaquing.

If stints or shunts are put into occluded arteries, they will likely clog back up in about 1 year.  

There is no fooling around with mother nature. 

Surgeries are for those that do not want to make the real lifestyle changes. 

Unfortunately, this is the case for most of our population.  

We know that calcium puts up a wall not only around our physical organs but also around our emotional organs like the heart. 

So, the heart will physically calcify from suppressing love over many, many years. 

As the old saying goes: “The love you withhold is the pain you will feel.”

Talk to me about how improving your emotional health can make positive physical changes in the body.