The Copper-Venus Connection as Seen in Boticelli’s Birth of Venus Painting

Understanding the energetics of minerals and metals is at the core of getting a deeper understanding of mineral balancing. 

This, of course, branches into the world of metaphysics and alchemy. 

The world-wide plague of copper toxicity is associated with the planet Venus, which is the planet of love, beauty, art, music, and relationships. 

To grasp the copper-Venus connection, let us go back to the famous renaissance painting of Botticelli's Birth of Venus

Boticelli’s Birth of Venus Painting

Boticelli’s Birth of Venus Painting

First, the painting uses copper pigments to bring out the green blue hue, which emanates from copper chloride and sulfur. 

These same colors appear when copper is vaporized and when copper filings are sprinkled over a flame. 

If you ever wondered why the planet of Venus is associated with the color green, now you have some context. 

We can also see the copper symbolization via her bronze (copper and tin) hued skin and copper-colored hair. 

Next, let us bring our attention to the scallop shell on which Venus is standing in the painting. 

The scallop is a sea creature that uses copper for respiration as opposed to iron. 

It’s no wonder that scallops and other shellfish are a rich source of nutritional copper.

The story of this painting comes from the island of Cyprus, which is known as the island of copper, corn, and flowers. 

Copper sulfate salts used to be called cuprous, for which copper and Cyprus share the same root word.

So, when we allow our imagination to flow, we can clearly see the Venus principal enthralled in copper.