How To Get Lead Out Of Your Body

There are a few signs of lead toxicity to look out for on a hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) that can be understood better by bringing in the anti-nutrient concept.

In this case, lead blocks iron, calcium, molybdenum, and chromium

So, a good sign of lead toxicity may be an HTMA with high chromium level paired with a low lead level. 

Subtle lead overload may also be seen with a high reading of manganese and iron, which is especially true if the chromium is also high. 

This is called the lead effect of the ferromagnetic minerals. 

Another subtle clue of lead toxicity is if the Ca/K ratio is high.  

How does it show up in symptomology then? 

Lead basically disrupts three key bodily functions:

  1. The making of blood

  2. The faulty firing of the nervous system to transmit impulses

  3. The toxic effect on the kidneys 

Lead blocks the essential enzymes needed to convert ALA (Aminolevulinic acid synthase) to the heme part of the hemoglobin, which is the main molecular component of blood. 

Consequently, if ALA builds up in the digestive tract, one may experience severe constipation.  

The lead effect on the muscles and nerve fibers may be experienced as the general feeling of weakness and numbness of the limbs; hence the expression “lead foot.” 

Lead displaces calcium, which means the bone takes up the lead in the same way as it does calcium: by forming an insoluble phosphate. 

In the brain, lead weakens the walls of the blood vessels so that they leak. 

This causes a pressure gradient of fluid to build up in the brain, and ALA can then permeate the brain

These symptoms may range from mild headaches, depression, and sleeplessness in the milder versions of lead accumulation. 

The more insidious nature of lead toxicity, on the other hand, may appear as hallucinations, severe insomnia, uncontrollable fits of madness, blindness, and coma in severe cases. 

The swelling of the brain, known as lead encephalopathy, is the danger most feared in children because it can result in permanent brain damage.  

Thankfully, we have serial HTMAs to assess the heavy metal load and guide us on the excavation process of these toxic metals as we begin to heal the body. 

As the saying goes, “Get the lead out.” 

And as I say: Get the lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, copper, and iron out to ensure we age gracefully along our path.

Dr. Robert SeligHTMA