How Accurate Is The Lead Reading On An HTMA?

When assessing toxic metals on a hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA), we must understand that it will never tell us exactly how much lead (or any other toxic metal) has accumulated in the various tissues, organs, and glands of the body.

That would require a tissue biopsy of every cell, which is highly impractical if not impossible. 

This is why we use hair tissue mineral analysiS, because it is the most sensitive and non-invasive method for detecting heavy metals that are stored in the tissues and causing our diseases.  

At first glance, there are some patients who may seem to have very low toxic metal levels on their HTMA. 

Yet, they are plagued with signs and symptoms of metal toxicity. 

As we begin to understand the nuances of HTMA with time, we will learn patterns and ratios, such as the poor eliminators of these metals

When HTMA is interpreted intelligently, we begin to see the bigger picture of how metals are layered into the many tissues of the body. 

Therefore, we must not get blindsided when assessing HTMAs and understand how the body has layered these toxic metals deep into the compartments of the body through the years of exposure.

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