How Birth Control Leads to Excess Copper and Estrogen

The Copper-Venus principle has everything to do with being a woman.  

As the saying goes: “Women are from Venus; men are from Mars.”  

So, it is no coincidence that women have about 20% more copper in their serum than do men.

On the other hand, men have 1/3 more iron in their serum than do women.

Thus, the planetary differences are reflected in the minerals of copper and iron, which are strongly sex-linked. 

The most feminine hormone in the body is estrogen, and copper has everything to do with estrogen and fertility.  

Women on birth control will unfortunately have high levels of copper which keep estrogen levels high in order to emulate the condition of pregnancy. 

This shuts off the luteal phase of progesterone so that the woman is not able to conceive.

Sadly, this also causes a wave of mineral imbalances.  

The pill throws off her monthly rhythm, keeping estrogen high like a woman in her 9th month of pregnancy.  

The consequences of high copper are devastating to human health. 

Even during pregnancy, copper serum almost doubles its normal levels.

When it does not come down to baseline shortly after delivery, women may experience postpartum depression, anxiety, and other copper-related symptoms. 

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Birth Control UID and Excess Copper Back To Natural Health

The copper 7 coil was the best intrauterine birth control device (IUD) on the market, as the copper ions have a biological action inside the uterus to prevent fertilization of the ovum.  

This is the Venus copper principle in full action.  

The planets are encapsulated in the corresponding mineral, affecting us psychologically and physiologically

Unless we open up the doors to the inner workings of alchemy, we will never grasp copper at its core. 

This ignorance leaves us like a dog chasing its tail forever.  

Only when we actually grasp the copper-Venus energy do we have a true chance of dumping toxic copper and opening up to what the metal has to teach us.