How Toxins and Heavy Metals Cause Severe Imbalances

Understanding how toxins and heavy metals impede the energy pathways of the body is fundamental to understanding why our oxidation rates may fluctuate during a mineral re-balancing program from test to test.

Our oxidation rates may go up or down for a multitude of reasons, such as stress of any kind.

Stress impacts aldosterone, a steroid hormone secreted by the adrenal glands which impacts the body’s ability to regulate blood pressure, pH, and electrolytes.

This in turn impacts the sodium retention at the level of the kidneys.

A nutritional balancing program will begin to mobilize metals out of the system over time as the body begins to raise energy and nutrient levels to deal with dormant problems.

For example, reactivation of an old infection can occur as we mobilize the mercury out of the tissues in an old problematic tooth, increasing inflammation.

Maybe you have been on a nutritional balancing and detoxification program for one year and your sodium and potassium went up proportionally as well as your phosphorous levels—which is always a good sign.

This means you can make proteins more efficiently, such as metalloproteins which act as the taxi cab that escorts the toxic metals out of the body. 

Maybe the toxins are being purged from deep in the billiary system of the liver ducts, like when copper stored in the liver starts mobilizing because our adrenals have finally picked up.

This influences sodium and potassium during the metal dump which triggers those infamous aggravations.

All of these situations, and many other stresses of life, can influence the metabolic rate of the big four minerals (calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium) that are unique to your situation. 

Understanding mineral relationships is important on our healing journey.

One mineral can have an antagonistic effect to another mineral.

For example, lead blocks the minerals calcium, iron, molybdenum, manganese, chromium, sulphur, and cobalt.

That means if lead and iron are in the same cell, the iron loses and becomes displaced from the cell.

Supplementation programs work much better if toxic metals are out of the picture.

This is why detoxification must be a part of every nutritional balancing program.

We live in the age of toxicity, and we have never seen the likes of any time in human history like this—especially over the last 100 years.

Once we get toxic minerals out of the body that have accumulated as a defense mechanism to toxins in our environment, we develop a fighting chance at balancing our minerals and thus improving our health in the long run. 

In my practice, coffee enemas are an essential part of the program because we have to move bile, especially the bile in the liver ducts because this is where the heavy metals, viruses, and toxins are mostly hanging out.

In my nutritional programs, I make it essential for my patients to employ the coffee enema as a mandatory step for successful detoxification.

So, focusing on opening the portals of elimination is fundamental to the removal of heavy metals and toxins, which is why coffee enemas are necessary for the success of the program.

Of course, there are many ways to opening the portals of elimination for successful detox, such as sauna therapy and moving the lymphatic system, but I find coffee enemas to be the most beneficial.