Why A Lab Test Is Only As Good As The Interpretation

You probably have the same common symptoms as the rest of the population like PMS, fatigue, back pain, allergies, and everything else.

However, even though these symptoms are ‘normal’, they should not be considered acceptable or healthy.

Every symptom tells you a very personal story, and every lab test helps the clinician profile the patient.

This then allows the clinician to address deficiencies and toxicities associated with common symptoms. 

Your doctor or friends will tell you not to worry about PMS because everyone gets it on their cycle, or everyone gets back pain when they pass 50, or getting headaches once a week is normal, or kids are hyper just because they are kids. 

Mainstream medicine and society have a way of marginalizing your everyday common symptoms by telling you ‘Don't worry! Take this suppressive medicine and all will be good!’

However, they forget to connect the dots!

Those periods from hell in your twenties will become bone loss in your 50s.

Then you get the dreaded Alzheimer's or cancer diagnosis in your 70s, but you ignored and suppressed the everyday symptoms in your earlier decades of life. 

The ‘experts’ will tell you, “We don’t know why you got cancer or why your brain is erasing every memory of your life.”

Do not play this game!

Address your symptoms today without suppressive medications or procedures that only drive the illness into your more vital organs.

The unfortunately thing about common sense is that it is not so common...