How Homeopathics Work From A Mineral Perspective

I always think of zinc as the spiritual warrior as it fights for your immune system protecting you from stress, infections, and toxins while sacrificing itself for the better good to support the macro minerals and keeping them from falling to levels that would be inimical to life.

Zinc, the spiritual warrior, has the energy of Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and the moon because of its diverse effects on the whole body which give rise to its co-rulership with those other metals from those planets.

This gives us insight into the fundamentals of zinc—which is why I refer it to as the spiritual warrior. 

When using homeopathics in conjunction with a nutritional balancing and detoxification program, we can see the magic in the minimal dose and how these infinitesimal potencies of a homeopathic remedy provide amazing intelligence to the vital force when properly prescribed based on the laws of similar.

Just because it comes in a small dose does not mean it does not pack a knockout punch that can be used to support organs and glands that are operating at lower frequencies due to emotional or toxic blockages.

Homeopathics become pivotal when experiencing aggravations from detoxifying metals or old infections that become activated.

Using the indicated homeopathic remedy can make the detoxification process less painful and discouraging when we do hit the detox speed bump or aggravations.

They also support the detoxification processes by orchestrating communication between the breakdown, packaging, mobilization, and eviction of toxins through the body’s drainage systems.

Homeopathic remedies energetically stimulate an immune response when fighting infectious organisms by zapping them with the correct vibration frequency and energy to neutralize these pathogens.

They offset the toxicity of a heavy metal that may be blocking the enzyme binding receptors where the preferred minerals should be, and overall help set the energy grid of the mineral matrix system from mind to body.

Remember some of the most powerful forces come from the smallest of elements as we know the devasting damage a small particle of radiation can do!

You could visualize this from a more rational perspective when we look at the total mass of an airplane and the rubber used to construct an airplane which seems infinitesimal when compared to the total mass of the plane.

But I can guarantee you would not try landing that airplane without the small tire! 

Homeopathy exemplifies this law showing the miracle in the minimal dose.

The more an original substance has been potentized and succussed, the stronger the remedy.

This means that the higher the potency will constitute less of the physical substance, but the stronger its effect to getting to the deeper layers of our pathology and constitutional blockages.

In fact, a homeopathic remedy is no longer working with matter, which seems paradoxical and a bit confusing.

But an important distinction must be made between two things: Information and the bearer of information.

Information is always something nonmaterial and needs a material bearer to be disseminated.

The bearer of information can be a paper, tape, vinyl record, CD, DVD, smoke, wood, rock, or whatever, but what is essential is the information.

The information can be sketched down on any of these forms, just as an artist needs canvas and paint to make their invisible concepts, ideas, and images visible.

But the information coming from the artist mind is nonmaterial, and it will need a physical carrier which will be the paint and canvas to make the nonmaterial that is the ‘ information’ from the artist's mind visible so that his painting can be expressed. 

Now, the problem with scientism is when it comes down to its analyses of the information.

We will use a book for our example called The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush.

Through scientific scrutiny and analysis, we can break the book down to tell us about the atomic structure with the ‘data’ about its weight, volume, dimensions, chemical makeup, and so on.

But one thing would not emerge from the scientific analysis—namely the liver and gallbladder flush.

So what is essential is the information itself.

It makes no difference whether it is was disseminated in a book, tape, CD, or whatever form, but it is the invisible information that needs a physical carrier.

This is a concept one must grasp.

A homeopathic remedy works because the information has been released from the physical matter.

Remember, homeopathics can be made from any substance, but more commonly they are derived from the plant-mineral animal-insect world.

Through the alchemical preparation, which in essence is the spiritualization of matter through potentization and succussion of the substance, it is then transferred to a neutral carrier such as alcohol or milk sugar pellet.

Through the laws of similar, the cornerstone of homeopathy, they can then be applied after carefully taking into account the case history in order to prescribe the indicated homeopathic remedy to a sick patient. 

Now, when working with energy-based medicine, a few concepts must first be put in order.

When illness takes place in the body, it is only the footprints of an illness that are visible as it is the person who is ill and not the physical matter from which he is made.

All matter is already ill because it is all decaying the moment it comes to life–very paradoxical!

If healing is to take place, it is only through an extension of consciousness, meaning an influx of information is conveyed to the sick man for which he is lacking.

The homeopathic remedy contains the information captured in a vibration and frequency of the missing principle based on the laws of similar for which the patient lacks on an energetic level.

Let's look at how we can incorporate homeopathic zinc to move a case along:

The metal of zinc acts as a remedy for those that may be suffering from cerebral and nervous exhaustion with defective vitality.

Zinc on homeopathic provings corresponded to the poisoning of the brain and nerves.

More commonly seen today is that our brains and nerves are fatigued.

Also characterized by incessant fidgetiness especially in the lower extremities as always wanting to move them, as well as twitching and jerking of singular muscles.

A keynote in a woman is they always feel better when the flow of menstrual blood begins, but symptoms return as the flow of blood stops.

So the need for homeopathic zinc can be seen in female symptoms that are associated with restlessness, depression, coldness, restless feet, and problems during menstrual flow.

However, this could be better from the flow of any discharges, and worse when the flow stops as well.

Generally speaking there will be a burning sensation in the spinal segments with great prostration of strength.

Wine tends to aggravate the symptoms even in small doses, most notably headaches from drinking wine.

Also, very sensitive to noise and a loss of smell and taste. 

The old homeopaths noticed the milk of cows out to pasture near cadmium mines had dried up as disease progressed.

They became emaciated with diarrhea until the animals could no longer get up dying from total prostration.

Remember, zinc sits above cadmium on the periodic table, and they mimic each other chemically.

If the laws of similar apply, those with ubiquitous cadmium do well with a dose of homeopathic zinc!

Another keynote is large varicose veins in the legs, so as we deal with copper toxicity, I also give homeopathic zinc in potency.

The essence of homeopathic zinc is captured in the word fatigue, meaning the body tissues are worn out faster than they can repair.

Zinc in potency has a strong action on the generative sphere, as it excites both sexes causing seminal losses in males and nymphomania and excessive masturbation in both sexes.

These are just some of the highlights that correspond to the laws of similar which help me prescribe homeopathics to move a case in a favorable direction.