Why Detoxing Is Necessary For Better Health

In the picture of your health profile and the totality of your cellular efficiency, where does your liver factor into the equation?

This massive organ is the largest internal organ and is the workhorse of the body.

There are at least 500 vital functions that your liver does, and it is no coincidence that as the name implies, the liver is where we ‘LIVE.’

We take it for granted, but without the liver, we would not be alive.

Just think of the enormity of jobs that this organ does! 

Let’s start with the one-two punch of making your proteins and cholesterol which is paramount for life.

Let's dig a bit deeper into cholesterol because it is a very special substance and is the steroid base which allows for the synthesis of all of your sex hormones.

Think of the amazing hormones such as DHEA, the longevity hormone, where 50% is made in the adrenals and 50% in the brain.

However, the raw material ‘cholesterol’ is manufactured, synthesized, and regulated in the liver.

Without cholesterol, there is no DHEA.

Just think what happens when our livers become stagnant, fatty, and fibrotic which happens to be the case for most of the population walking around today.

Even though we are beginning to understand how vital the liver is in our health, modern medicine is still not checking for early signs of liver dysfunction as stated above.

Stagnant, fibrotic livers go undiagnosed because most doctors are only checking liver enzymes and are not performing liver scans or bile flow efficiency tests to grasp and assess the amount of fibrosis in this organ.

Yet, this fibrosis is the actual scarring of the liver that will inhibit the optimal function of your hepatocytes AKA your liver cells. 

So normal healthy liver cells, in their vast myriad of functions, do all these processes such as conjugate, methylate, acetylate, glucuronidate, sulfate, and facilitate oxygen redox reactions a million times per second, etc., but as the liver becomes fibrotic with each passing year, all the functions of the liver are COMPROMISED.

And yes, that is you, but all with varying degrees of the pendulum.

The point being a stagnant venous congested fibrosed liver will, for example, affect the outcome of making cholesterol.

Compromised aberrant cholesterol is so frequent in the population today whether seen too high mostly in adults or too low as frequently seen in children.

This process of fibrin deposition, such as when we have a cut, is needed so that you do not bleed out and is a necessary inflammatory process that must happen.

However, when this inflammation becomes chronic due to insult after insult to the liver with toxic chemicals or heavy metals clogging up our biliary system over the years, the liver will inevitably become compromised and this has detrimental effects to our health.

It causes the fibrosing in the hepatocytes as this is not fiction but, a very true pathological, physiological, biochemical adaptation that happens to your liver cells as a result of toxic sludge inundating the body.

When cholesterol synthesis malfunctions, it will also affect all of your sex hormones including pregnenolone, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.

Just that alone should exalt cholesterol in the arch of importance on your health scale.

The liver is the organ that creates cholesterol and also DRAINS cholesterol, so one must have strong biliary health. 

As the liver regulates cholesterol, it is also mediated by a chemical/neuronal system in the brain, the all-seeing brain is also bathing in cholesterol, and ultimately is the building block of ALL of the cell membranes

So copious amounts of cholesterol production is an asset as long as it is regulated–and that regulation means you make it, and you will enjoy it for what it is.

Let it fill the membranes of your cells to give structure, integrity, and resilience to your cell membranes.

Let it give your hair wonderful luster, fullness, and shine, lubricate and protect your skin, and continue to make your sex hormones.

So whatever you do, do not demonize cholesterol.

However, the key concept here is cholesterol regulation, meaning you clear it out through the bile ducts–if you don't clear it out at efficient rates, then the cholesterol begins to be part of a diseased fat complex that can do all sorts of clogging in all sorts of places. 

Therefore, the rate at which the liver becomes scarred is related to the rate which it can excrete its poisons out.

The rate at which the liver can move its poisons out is proportional to the rate at which will cause scarring in the liver.

So if the rate at which the poisons accumulate is above the excretion of these poisons they begin to build up in the system.

That is the beginning of the inflammatory process and therefore the beginning of your symptoms and the ultimate beginning of your disease processes.

But, if the biliary system is optimized, meaning you can drain the bile through the bile ducts which will include all the natural break down products of metabolism and the inexorable amounts of poisons such as the microbes, metals, and chemicals, you would be healthy because all of these poisons are being successfully flushed out of the body by your healthy liver.

If not, there are major consequences that will happen that will change the morphology of the hepatocytes of the liver.

As the poisons build up, so does the fat around the liver as it absorbs the toxic sludge that is not being excreted, but at the cost of decreasing the function of the liver cells. 

However, as we said before, sometimes inflammation is a good thing when it comes to healing.

For example, detox will inflame the tissues before it rebuilds the tissues and this is what we call aggravation.

You have to kill it to regrow it.

When detox is understood, it is an amazing process that provokes our accumulated heavy metals, but this leads to physical aggravations that make you feel sickly, odd, and may make you think you are dying at times.

Detox is no joke, but understanding the process is fundamental to success.

You will even see liver enzymes go off the charts appearing as 'damage'.

However, this is a fundamental process because we must break down the toxic liver cells in order to regenerate.

This is why you cut out 60% of a healthy liver and it will regenerate in 1 year.

Breaking it down to build it up is where detox meets science as the 500 functions of the liver will be optimized through the detox process.

Many people feel like they need to quit the program because of the pain, but the inflammatory process is part of the healing process. 

You must understand why you are doing the detoxes in the first place.  

The liver is divided into millions of lobules which have sinusoids that provide the drainage through the liver like no other organ in the body.

You have millions of biliary cannuculi that drain the poison out of the venous blood through millions of bile ducts.

When the biliary system does not move the toxins from the liver, it is because of biliary congestion in the ducts which results in thick, stagnant blood because those toxins are stuck.

Blood can get thick–which is called blood viscosity–as thick blood is sick blood.

This thick blood gets congested because the big veins in the blood (such as the inferior vena cava) are more prone to pooling.

How many of you have stagnant liver blood stasis?

The key concept to remember is that you want to prevent blood stasis and draining the bile is the key to reducing the inflammatory process in the body.

When it comes to moving the bile out through our excretory organs, I must emphasize the importance of coffee enemas and gallbladder flushes as two of the most important detoxification methods paramount to healing.

I always say all roads lead to the liver, so once we integrate these amazing detoxification protocols, you can finally take your health to the next level.

However, I am not talking about the occasional coffee enema or gallbladder flush, I am talking about diligent systematic detoxification done religiously as one coffee enema may open the portal to one of the biliary ducts, but you have millions of these that need to be open which is why you must be persistent and consistent with your detox in the coming year if you truly want to have better health.