Moon Cycles and How They Affect Your Health

The Moon Rules The Water Element

The tides are governed by the moon's gravitational pull so you better believe the moon can have an effect on the water inside your body.

Water is brought to life through salt (Na)–a mineral that becomes volatile under chronic stress. 

When stressed, our body's Na levels are higher and emotions such as anxiety and fear cause our blood to boil bringing out a different side of ourselves that we only see while we experience these emotions. 

This downward spiral only causes more harm as the mineralocorticoid aldosterone is released and Na levels go even higher. 

When under stress for prolonged periods of time, Na levels stay high and eventually come crashing down–this is when you experience outbursts of emotion. 

This is much like seeing calm, beautiful oceans turn violent and bring entire countries down with one tsunami.

Blood viscosity is also impacted by the moon and will have a ripple effect on fluids in the body such as interstitial fluids and extracellular fluids that your cells bathe in.

Another well-known cycle impacted by the moon is the female cycle of the menses-which is governed by the 28-29 day moon cycle.

The effects that the period has on a woman's emotions is partly a result of fluid regulation.

Sodium has an effect on ALL of the minerals in your body, especially copper, and because of this, the moon regulates emotions depending on your specific mineral levels.

Just as the sodium in salt water controls the minerals of the ocean, sodium is what keeps your body's fluids balanced. 

Sodium levels get higher when there is a full moon.

There may be science behind the reason some individuals feel different when there is a full moon. 

Some describe feeling “moonstruck" or confused and off-balance.

Na simply increases and impacts our energy levels, but with varying degrees among the population. 

Most of my patients with a high or low Na/K ratio on a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) experience the same pattern of emotions that agitate the psyche such as fear, anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, or even night terrors.

Ancient knowledge is still relevant today as the moon is still associated with sleep and even governs our "third eye", our pineal gland which taps into our natural instincts, deeper unconscious, and sleep cycles

The pineal gland creates the rhythm of life in your body and is regulated by melatonin and serotonin–think of the relationship between the moon and the sun, dark and light, night and day.  

Why do most heart attacks happen on Mondays? Monday has a connection to the moon, thus potentially causing a natural increase to one's blood pressure depending on the levels of sodium in one's body. 

It gets even WORSE for those with unbalanced levels of sodium during a full moon.

There are many factors that can be contributing to your health problems that you may think are beyond your control.

Our aim is to help balance your body's mineral levels–which is the key to living a consistently healthy and doctor-free life. 

Through detoxification protocols, nutritional supplementation, and other holistic methods, we will put together a plan to balance your minerals so that you can finally feel better again.

Contact us to test your mineral levels using HTMA and find out how a mineral balancing program can improve your chronic health problems for life.