This Is Why Your Potassium is STILL Low

CORTISOL is the body’s most potent anti-inflammatory hormone.

It is secreted when your body combats inflammation from chronic infections, heavy metals, and toxic chemicals, but did you know you get a cortisol spike when your body is not fully rested from 8-hours of sleep?

You may think it’s no big deal, but losing sleep, in addition to everything else going on in your life, will set your body off into an inflammatory tailspin inevitably leading to burnout competitively inhibiting your steroid hormones such as thyroid hormone, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and DHEA.

Cue your hormones being all over the place–like a Chicago traffic jam in rush hour.

When we are talking about CORTISOL, we are talking about STRESS which results in hormonal imbalances.

All too often in my practice, I see high rates of sympathetic dominance and similar patterns on a patient’s Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis which results in chronically low potassium

You may panic and think that it is time to start consuming massive amounts of foods high in potassium like your beloved bananas or coconut water, but I’m sorry to tell you that this is NOT the answer!

Instead of debating which potassium supplement or food source you're going to use to raise your potassium levels, focus on how you are really going to get healthy this year and start by looking at your overall health. 

Fixing one thing will not fix the rest.

Changing one food or supplement will not solve your health problems. 

Stop guessing, sign up to get your Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, and finally get the individual guidance and knowledge to make the right lifestyle changes to achieve your health goals.