Why We Focus On Mineral Ratios And Not Just Symptoms

While we focus on balancing the minerals in the body based on Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) results, patients are usually more concerned about the symptoms that occur and how to quickly get them to go away.

The problem is that there may be a more serious illness happening at the cellular level–this is why patients often don't know they are sick.

The patient may have an occlusion in the coronary artery, and the patient is only one day to one year away from an acute heart attack.

Cancer can be manifesting in the body, or a viral infection may be laying dormant in a biofilm.

The patient may say, "Well, I have been taking my supplements, but I still have symptoms, and nothing has been improved since following my program and I am doing everything correct and by the book."

However, the innate intelligence of the body does not care about the body's minor symptoms because it will prioritize the bigger issues that the patient has and was completely unaware of.

For instance, a malignancy may be brewing in the tissues or the arteries may be calcifying in the heart. 

This is why we focus on balancing the minerals, and more importantly the ratios, as we correct the low sodium to potassium (Na/K) ratio–which is present in almost every chronic debilitating disease.

A patient may have HIV and present with a low NA/K and walk around with that for years while complaining only about fatigue and minor aches and pains–then 3 years later they get a bad flu, and the next day full-fledged AIDS.

This is why serial HTMAs are CRITICAL as we focus on fixing the minerals, balancing the ratios, and understanding that minor symptoms are blessings along the way–revealing the deeper layers that are manifesting in the tissues that will one day present as the disease we do not want.

So do not focus on the minutia of everyday symptoms, focus on getting healthy as priority #1 which means that we use the HTMA to monitor our progress.

Get away from this 'vitamin victim' mentality that if you take a certain nutrient, it will fix a symptom.

Minerals are truly the 'spark plugs of life' because they are involved in every aspect of human health. 

Focus on improving minerals based on your HTMA results because this is the only test available that can help us detect what is at the root of the problem. 

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is the window into our physiology, our psychology, and our pathology. 

Moving our biochemistry takes time, as the body works through the many layers and adaptations of our illnesses that have been suppressed, repressed, or surgically removed–along with the toxicities that have bio-accumulated since birth.

Healing is a journey and patience is a virtue along the path to better health, and we are here to act as your support system.