Welcome To The New Bronze Age

This current modern-day epoch essentially began around 2012–as mapped out by the Mayans and many other ancient cultures.

Surprisingly enough, there is some substance behind the hype that surrounded this terrestrial and celestial shift of energy.

Its effect will be seen in the coming years through the physical and mental health of humans, whether we like it or not.

Simply put, we are shifting out of the Iron Age (Mars), in a retrograde movement, into a subtle softer Bronze Age (Venus) which, in reality, is nothing short of monumental. 

This is a shift from masculine energy to feminine. 

Since bronze is 90% copper and 10% tin, this gives us insight into the inner workings of our physiology and psychology.

To start, let's look at copper–the metal of Venus.

Because Venus represents femininity, the metal of copper lives out in all of us as the spirit of this Venusian energy.

Robert Plant and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin eloquently depicted this secret of Venus in their most popular song Stairway to Heaven with the lyrics 'There's a feeling I get when I look to the west, and my spirit is crying for leaving.’ 

This in reference to Venus which is one of the only planets to spin left–meaning the sun rises in the west on Venus contrary to the other planets where the sun rises in the east.

This occult reference to Venus is a metaphor for love (it is no coincidence that our heart sits on the left side). 

Venus involves terrestrial (physical) love and celestial (non-physical) love, but it is the physical love that gets conflicted with this modern 'copper conundrum' so that is what we need to focus on. 

The new Bronze Age will be exemplified and anthropomorphized through the metal of copper and copper's relationships to the other metals.

Knowing copper's correspondence to Venus gives us amazing insight into what will be the challenges and opportunities in adapting to this new cycle of the Bronze Age.

From a psychological standpoint, the relationships that we cultivate during our lifetime will determine one's health status through the metal copper–which is either venerated or venereal to our health (and it is no coincidence how both those two polar opposite words come from the same Latin root Venus).

It is important to understand that our physical and emotional health is proportional to the status of copper to other metals in your body.

By nature, copper is enchantingly warm and welcoming compared to the cold steel of iron and the brothers of iron including molybdenum, cobalt, nickel, and manganese which are all ferromagnetic (meaning that they are more likely to respond to magnets).

Copper uplifts our spirit as it radiates its beauty giving warmth to anything that it touches.

The sheer beauty of copper is captured in Botticelli's Birth of Venus where the goddess of love is seducing our imagination with the most brilliant incandescent copper hues (the word copper comes from the name Cyprus, which is the island Aphrodite is depicted on in the painting).


Copper is the love mineral because of its ability to connect us to other people in our lives–touching the heart like no other!

Understanding the themes of Venus–the planet of love, beauty, and art–will help us better understand copper, which has been subjugated, controlled, and manipulated over the last 2,100 years as seen through the iron energy of mars (demonstrating the patriarchal male dominating, war-mongering gladiator mentality of the Kali Yuga iron age cycle).

So, as copper begins to find her true place and restore her beauty to mankind, she will essentially go through a series of dysregulation during this shift into the Bronze Age.

What is fascinating is the blueprint to the inner workings of our emotional and physical health can be assessed, interpreted, and discerned, based on the status of the copper equilibrium revealed on a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA).

We can see if copper is radiating its light and warmth when in balance to the other minerals both qualitatively and quantitatively, or whether copper has become free, single, and unbound, creating an unbalanced, schizoid, and even malignant interaction in its relation to other metals.

The copper equilibrium ultimately depends on whether this metal is bioavailable or bio-unavailablefor which this depends upon the optimal functioning of the kidney-adrenal complex as well as an optimal functioning liver and bilious system (including patency in the bile ducts).

As I alluded to earlier, the bronze age is represented by copper and tin–in medical alchemy, Jupiter rules the liver, and tin is the metal of Jupiter.

This tells us that it is important that the liver is balanced when it comes to the copper equilibrium.

As I have always said, all roads lead to the liver–because the liver is truly where we 'LIVE'.

Both vital organ systems (the liver and the kidney-adrenal complex) are paramount to the copper equilibrium.

I work with patients to discover if patients are utilizing this metal properly in their physiology as they should, such as making our copper-dependent neurotransmitters of love and connectedness.

On the other hand, copper could be creating our manias, fears, and phobias of envy, hate, and jealousy.

In mineral form, copper encapsulates the cosmic, as well as the cosmetic, qualities of Venus.

The copper equilibrium can be reflected with the themes of beauty (or the beast) as seen through the health of our skin, hair, and nails because copper is necessary for the synthesis of our connective tissues, including, elastin, keratin, melanin, and collagen.

From a clinical point of view, the symptoms of copper toxicity will be revealed to us as Venus related symptoms and through medical alchemy, the oldest known science, we can understand Venus better and its relation to the body's organs.

HTMA is the one diagnostic tool to assess the status of copper, the metal of Venus, properly.

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