16 Powerful Ways Coffee Enemas Supercharge Your Health, Strength, and Vitality

1. Flushing toxins from the bowels

An enema mechanically washes out the colon, removing toxins along with parasites, bacteria, yeast colonies, and other debris. 

Enemas also stimulate the colon by slightly dilating it and by altering its temperature, making it a little warmer or cooler.

Another mechanical effect is to increase peristalsis, the pulsed, linear contractions of smooth muscles surrounding the intestines that move material through the system. 

The stimulated colon becomes more active and empties its contents more completely.

Repeated enemas help remove food residues and impacted waste, which are very common for anyone eating the Standard American Diet (SAD). 

The refined white flour products so common in the SAD are especially bad in the colon as they form hardened residues that stick to its walls.

Repeat enemas also help clean out diverticula, the pockets that form in the walls of an overstressed and diseased colon. 

Most adults with a history of consuming SAD have diverticula that trap food particles and bacteria and often harbor parasitic organisms, worms, yeasts, and more.

2. Antioxidant effects

Oxygen atoms that have been stripped of one of their two electrons cause “oxidation” when they combine with the atoms in body tissues.

Examples of oxidation are the browning of an apple when sliced open, or the rusting of iron or steel. 

Oxidation is always going on inside your body, and left unchecked it is very damaging.

Coffee contains antioxidant chemicals that prevent damaging oxidation.

This is particularly helpful for the liver, which is highly susceptible to oxidant damage. 

Coffee enemas are also valuable when considering the “yin” and “yang” of Chinese Traditional Medicine. 

Most other antioxidants, including vitamin C, alpha lipoic acid and vitamin E are very “yin.” 

Unfortunately, stressed and sick bodies are already too “yin” and adding an excess of “yin antioxidants can make the problem worse. 

Coffee enemas, on the other hand, are very “yang” and can therefore have a balancing effect. 

3. Increased pH or alkalinity of the entire intestinal tract

This is likely due to enhanced bile flow. Increasing the alkalinity of the small intestine makes it much less hospitable for parasites.

It also helps destroy many other types of infections in the small and large intestines.

This can help improve the quality of the flora of the intestines and reduce dysbiosis, the overgrowth of harmful intestinal bacteria.

4. Palmitic acids

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, researchers in the lab of Lee Wattenberg identified salts of palmitic acids (kahweol and cafestol palmitate) in coffee.

These act as potent enhancers of the important liver enzyme, glutathione S-transferase.

Glutathione S-transferase is part of a major detoxification system that binds many toxins from the blood stream to the powerful antioxidant, glutathione. 

Adding coffee beans to the diets of mice enhanced glutathione S-transferase 600% in the liver and 700% in the small bowel!

Dr. Max Gerson, MD, a major proponent of using coffee enemas, writes that: “Heubner and Meyer of Goettingen University, Germany had shown in animal models that rectal administration of caffeine would dilate bile ducts and promote bile flow.”

Theophylline and theobromine, major constituents of coffee, dilate blood vessels and counter inflammation of the gut. 

The palmitates of coffee enhance glutathione S-transferase, which is responsible for the removal of many toxins from the blood.

Finally, the water in the enema stimulates peristalsis or the movement of toxic substances from the duodenum or upper intestine, through the intestine, and out through the rectum.”

5. Dilating bile ducts and enhancing toxin excretion

Coffee enemas dilate the bile ducts, increasing bile flow. 

Substances that stimulate bile flow in this manner are known as choleretics. 

Stimulating bile flow enhances detoxification because bile captures toxins and the products of metabolic breakdown and carries them out of the body through the bowels. 

Coffee also stimulates detoxifying enzyme systems in the liver and the bowel, which also speeds up removal of toxins through the rectum. 

While other choleretics increase bile flow from the liver, they do not enhance detoxifying enzyme systems in the liver and small bowel and they do not ensure the passage of bile from the intestines out the rectum.

Bile is normally reabsorbed up to 9 or 10 times before working its way out the intestines in feces.

Coffee enema inhibits reabsorption of toxic bile through the gut wall and back to the liver, so it works better than other choleretics at detoxifying the bloodstream.

This is particularly important for cancer patients who are undergoing therapy. 

When tumors are breaking down a lot of dead waste is created that needs to be quickly discharged instead of reabsorbed.

6. Selenium and zinc

Coffee contains forms of selenium and zinc that are very well absorbed through the rectum.

Selenium and zinc are critically important nutrients that a lacking in most diets. 

Increased selenium and zinc stimulate the liver enzymes involved in detoxification.

7. Chinese Meridian effects

In acupuncture terms, coffee enemas enhance the liver meridian and balance the large intestine meridian. In the science of acupuncture, restoring health depends upon balancing about a dozen primary energy channels or meridians that run up and down the body.

Introducing water and coffee into the colon weakens or inhibits the large intestine meridian.

This tends to enhance the liver meridian, according to acupuncture theory. 

Commonly, the liver is weak and the large intestine meridian is over stimulated or overactive due to the presence of toxins in the large bowel.

Even without that intestinal overstimulation, coffee enemas enhance the energy of the liver and gallbladder meridians.

8. Improved hydration

This can be a major benefit of coffee enemas as today many people are dehydrated.

Common reasons for dehydration are:

  1. Not drinking enough water

  2. Drinking incorrect types of water such as reverse osmosis water, which does not hydrate the body well or worse yet, city water with toxic chlorine and fluoride

  3. Ingesting substances that tend to dehydrate the body, such as sugars, processed sodium-rich packaged foodscaffeine and alcohol. The addition of several cups of water in the enema improves this situation.  Severely dehydrated people may take an enema and absorb all the water so nothing comes back out.

9. Sympathetic nervous system relaxation

Coffee enemas help relax the sympathetic “fight-or-flight” nervous system.

This may seem odd, since coffee contains caffeine, which is a stimulant. 

Possible reasons for relaxation of the sympathetic nervous system include:

  1. Stimulation of two important parasympathetic organs, the liver and the large intestine

  2. Nutrients in the coffee

  3. Rapid and thorough removal of irritating toxins

  4. The relaxing downward motion of energy

10. Reduced autointoxication

Autointoxication is a word used to describe production of toxins within the body (endotoxins), usually due to the action of bacteria and yeasts upon partially digested food.

Most is the result of fermentation or rotting (putrefaction) of undigested food, which is rampant in the intestines of people eating today’s toxic Standard American Diet.

This can cause gas, bloating and foul smelling stools. 

By cleaning the colon of yeasts, parasites and other pathogenic organisms, and by increasing bile flow, coffee enemas reduce autointoxication.

11. Yeast and other parasite elimination from the colon

This is a great benefit for some people whose colons are full of yeast.

For this to occur, you need to do several coffee enemas back to back, putting a total of about 2 quarts of water into the colon.

When you do this, it helps to rub the colon area of the abdomen vigorously to get the water to penetrate into the pockets of the colon to dislodge the yeast organisms.

Adding crushed garlic to the coffee enema mix also helps get rid of yeast and parasites.

12. Better skin

Your body is constantly working to eliminate toxins.

If your liver and colon are overloaded, toxins back up and the body must use alternative elimination channels.

As the liver and colon fail to keep pace, the next important elimination channel is the skin.

The result is persistent, serious, unsightly and unpleasant skin issues like dermatitis, acne, eczema, psoriasis, and age “liver” spots.

Coffee enemas that supercharge toxin elimination through the liver and colon lighten this toxic burden on the skin with highly visible results.

13. Assisting the lymphatic system

Coffee enemas assist lymphatic drainage which occurs in something called “the Peyer’s patches”.

These are extremely important lymph glands located along certain areas of the small intestine.

Although the coffee solution does not reach this far, the coffee enema assists the Peyer’s patches due to reflex effects.

14. Yang effect

In Traditional Chinese Medicine terms, most people’s bodies today are too yin, especially those who are old or sick.

Yin means cold and expanded, and today it can also mean sick.

Unfortunately, most medicines and natural remedies (including vitamins and herbs) make the body even more yin. 

In contrast, coffee is a more yang substance, despite being grown in more yin-like tropical climates.

Coffee becomes even more yang when roasted thoroughly and boiled for 12-13 minutes.

This reduces the caffeine level, a yin substance (although some caffeine is necessary for the desired effects).

The yang quality of coffee enemas is a great advantage over other herbal, natural and medical methods for cleansing the liver and colon. 

Coffee enema’s yang effect is from the combination of nutritional factors in coffee and its ability to rid the body of yin toxins, including toxic metals and chemicals.

15. Astringent action

Astringency is an herbal property that refers to peeling the top layer of skin or mucous membrane.

This is helpful for colonic healing, as the top layer of skin or mucous membrane is often loaded with toxins and is ready to come off anyway. 

A coffee enema cleans the surface layer of the mucous membrane of the colon and perhaps the liver, as well.

16. Meditation

A coffee enema is a form of quiet discipline and can be an intense meditation and concentration exercise.

Just lying down and holding your anal sphincter closed for 15 to 30 minutes is a form of concentration exercise that teaches discipline, relaxation, coordination and other helpful mental traits.

Learn how to do a coffee enema in 3 steps by reading this article.