How Flouride Damages Your Body

Fluorine, occupying the 9th position on the periodic table of elements, sucks up electrons voraciously from almost any other element.

This reactive fluorine molecule carries a negative charge, and because it has one of the smallest atomic weights, this molecule is very active and reactive especially with the +1 valence minerals such as NA, K, Lithium, and its sister halogens of chlorine and iodide.

When it replaces chlorine in any solution you can bet the house you will not make stomach acid for which your hydrochloric acid/HCL is innumerably pertinent to the basic function of our health.

It can also displace any chlorine molecule within our blood or intracellular fluids.

Even more pernicious is that it is almost identical to the negative charge and weight of the hydroxyl group (OH) which is vitally important for many chemical reactions in the body.

It is so reactive that it corrodes metals like no other, will decompose water to form hydrogen fluoride, and is a potent enzyme poisoner that will shut down 72 known iodine pathways leaving your thyroid so deficient you won't even remember your name.

Breathe in fluorine gas and it will blister your lungs with chemical burns as you die in agony.

All metals react with fluorine, forming fluorides.

Fluorine has the highest electronegativity in the periodic table, which is about 4, according to the Pauling scale, and is highly reactive due to its high electronegativity.

Fluoride is the resulted anion, when fluorine abstracts an electron from another electropositive element.

Fluorine and fluoride have different physical and chemical properties due to the change of one electron.

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Prozac the infamous antidepressant, which is a fluoride-based pharmaceutical, will make you too dumb to remember that you are even depressed.

No controversy in modern science has reached a crescendo as fluoridation.

Columbia Univ. College of Physicians and Surgeons as well as the Univ. of Missouri have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that fluoride is mutagenic—meaning it damages genes in mammals at doses approximating the dose we receive from artificial fluoridation exposure.

Time to challenge the agencies of health that are supposedly protecting us.

What we need is protection from these most ridiculous agencies that have lost their moral compass!

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