What Happens When You Have Low Zinc Levels

Think of Zinc as a defense shield; it is the protector, the spiritual warrior always fighting for your better health.

Every fluid is lined with zinc, whether tears, saliva, menstrual fluids, seminal fluids, digestive fluids, stomach acid, intestinal fluids, breast milk—it is in every fluid because it is protecting you.

The antiviral effects of zinc are critical.

A zinc deficiency will create an abnormal sense of taste and smell—think about this with your kids that are picky eaters, and the seniors who lose their taste for food.

With a lack of zinc, more toxins will be absorbed.

Zinc is needed for brain function such as memory, alertness, mood, multitasking, and abstract thinking, so if you are deficient in zinc, your brain will not be working optimally, as with autistic kids and demented seniors.

Low cerebral zinc causes low serotonin, disrupted sleep cycles, poor information processing, poor auditory processing, poor memory retention, and poor multitasking skills.

All of this will be made worse with food additives, salicylates, and glutamates like MSG.

Compounds similar to GABA can trigger a chloride influx like alcohol and benzodiazepines, so all drugs have a potent effect on the mineral system.

Enemies of zinc, like too much copper, and of course, cadmium, will knock out hundreds of zinc ions, while mercury will block 1000s.

Also, aluminum and antimony block zinc, as well as alcohol, pp inhibitors, diuretics, antibiotics, ACE inhibitors, estrogens, and steroids.

It is one of my all-time favorite minerals, and does not get the respect it deserves as even plants grown in deficient zinc soil will not grow to their full potential.

Zinc picolinate is great, liquid zinc assay, as well as ultra zinc which is a liposomal zinc, and zinc carnosine which is especially good for the gut.

The best test to evaluate the status of the minerals like zinc is hair tissue mineral analysis, which I recommend testing every 3-6 months to track progress.

If you’ve become imbalanced with more copper than zinc like most people, your first step should be avoiding toxic minerals and learning about proper detoxification.

You can turn your liver into the amazing life-giving organ that it is supposed to be by systematically flushing toxic waste that has accumulated in your liver-biliary system and opening your portals of elimination.