What Does It Mean If You Have High Sodium Levels?

Sodium is one of the most volatile minerals on the periodic table.

Patients with high sodium levels on a hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) tend to be easily angered and more belligerent.

They will typically feel less emotionally stable and more ‘stressed out’.

High sodium patients have a short fuse and a quick knee jerk reflex to many situations.

These patients have a more explosive type of personality, and often the simplest things set them off as they are about to explode.

Sodium, the pure element in isolation, will explode on contact with water.

This is why sodium is usually never found in nature by itself, as it is almost always bound to another element—such as a chlorine molecule which gives you salt.

Chlorine in nature is usually found in a gaseous form but can also be liquid under high pressure.

Chlorine by itself kills rapidly and painfully—especially in the lungs.

However, when we combine these two dangerous and volatile molecules to give us NaCl, now we create the SALT of life.

Individually these two elements are both very dangerous, but together they become very stable and life-giving, showing us how the chemistry of life is always working in mysterious ways.

By focusing on the balance of your biochemistry and using HTMA as your guide, you can feel the difference in your overall health.