The Secret Power of Manganese: The Maternal Mineral

Manganese is considered the 'Maternal Mineral' and in ancient lore was used in all magical practices for its effects on fertility, sex, and love.

This mineral by no coincidence is co-ruled by the moon, and as we know the moon controls the menstrual cycle and has an effect on the pineal gland and sex hormones, as well as ruling the water element, which corresponds to the blood in our bodies.

The moon carries a magnetic charge which is carried in the blood corresponding to the life-giving feminine energies as it connects and unites the masculine electrical energies.

The moon rules fertility and Manganese is the quintessential mineral of fertility due to its moon properties, as well as its influence on Jupiter which governs the liver where all our sex hormones are conjugated.

The word Manganese is derived from its root ‘magi’ which is nothing short of magnificently magical in which we get the female archetypes such as, Magdalene, Mary, matriarch, marriage, mother and all the alike.

It is the feminine energy that initiates the magic of creating life, and carrying life to term, which in lies the mystery of the feminine.

If a female rat is deficient in manganese she will not protect her babies, and will even allow the other rats to eat the tails of her offspring, but when manganese is sufficient she will tear apart anyone trying to do harm to her little ones, this is a proven scientific fact.

However, if manganese is deficient in any female species including humans, the female will reject her baby.

When a woman has low manganese coupled with low iron it creates a recipe for disaster regarding her sexual energy, as this combination will destroy a woman's libido.

We know iron is ruled by Mars which gives the impetus of aggressiveness, assertiveness, and power, but it is the manganese that gives iron its strength.

If manganese is not added to steel which is mostly made from iron, then the steel without manganese becomes weak and will break.

It is the manganese which is the secret ingredient in steel that not only gives it its strength, but also gives it its flexibility.

When a woman's manganese is low she becomes more submissive resulting in being more prone to being dominated in many areas of her life as she becomes the proverbial victim.

In excess she becomes more of a Mars energy on steroids which can only lead to excessive aggressiveness and becoming perversely power hungry, at no cost.

Well, since it's the manganese that gives iron its strength, here lays the occult secret on how a woman activates her red hot passionate mars blood, as the magnetic manganese charges the iron of mars to give her strength and flexibility and a healthy sexual appetite.

These two minerals are the first set in the paired Yin/Yang energies, as astrologically we could say Aries finding balance with the Moon and Jupiter.

On HTMA we see these two minerals of manganese and iron as they usually follow each other whether they go up or down.

A good level of manganese is absolutely critical for a woman's libido, and when it goes too high, this will cause a woman to become a nymphomaniac, and when it goes even higher, she becomes asexual.

All minerals have personalities that all correspond to the energies of the planets, and make no mistake about this as every ancient culture of antiquity knew this, but one would need to dig deep in the ancient texts to discover these gems.

However, today we have an amazing test that analyzes your minerals and mineral ratios that can reveal why you may be having fertility issues, or why you are losing your libido, or possibly explaining your psychological profile as to why you may be constantly angry, belligerent or on power hungry trips.

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