The Best Homeopathic For Pain and Muscle Sprains

Arnica montana is a homeopathic derived from a plant relative of the Compositae family (also known as the common daisy) and is grown throughout Europe in high altitudes in nutrient-deficient soil.

Arnica contains the antioxidants selenium and manganese.

Manganese is also needed to heal wounds and to keep bones strong and healthy.

In homeopathy, arnica is used to treat acute injuries involving sprains, shock, fatigue, fractures, swelling, and bruising.

It is important to note, however, the psychological component that presents itself alongside the physical ailment.

Patients with an arnica constitution are people who attract and withstand a tremendous amount of physical and mental pain in their lives.

While they are known to be accident prone, they also have a tendency to toughen up in order to mask the pain.

Often, the arnica constitution will deny treatment and ensure a practitioner that he or she is “fine.”

Thus, the arnica must learn to allow for the body and psyche to heal and to call upon help when it is needed.

A single homeopathic may relieve symptoms, however if you balance your body's mineral levels, you will not need to take anything to relieve symptoms because you will not have any.

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