Why You Should Chew Your Food Slowly

Do you chew your food slowly and savor every bite?

If not, start building this habit TODAY.

Hydrochloric acid (HCL) breaks down food in your stomach, yet we tend to forget about another crucial job–increasing the aggression of the macrophages, which are the white blood cells in the intercellular fluid. 

In 1930, Dr. Walter Guy discovered a remarkable natural healing process already existing in the body when he found that HCL increases the aggressive tendency of macrophages, causing them to break down toxins and infectious agents to heal tissues in your body

Additionally, the Price-Pottenger Institute ran hundreds of studies where carnivorous animals, such as cats and dogs, were given rotten meat and were surprisingly able to digest it without getting sick due to high levels of HCL. 

Hydrochloric acid completely broke down the pathogens in the infested meat.

The pH of your stomach MUST be high in order to keep your body safe from infections. 

But there is a catch–the body must be in a relaxed state in order to secrete protons and chlorine ions into the stomach, so it is important to slow down when you eat.

Eating a meal in a high stress environment can be damaging to the body and ensure poor digestion and nutrient assimilation. 

Learn more about adding HCL activator supplements to your health protocol to improve your HCL levels and get your body functioning at its fullest potential.

I work with patients one-on-one to make sure levels are balanced so that the body cannot host a disease or illness. 

Dr. Robert Selig