How To Determine The Health Of Your Adrenals

Within the past 5000 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the adrenals have always been known as a treasure because they act as the body’s internal battery.

You need the adrenals and the brain to make DHEA which is the longevity hormone that will send the signal to the liver to make ceruloplasmin

Ceruloplasmin is a major copper-carrying protein in the blood which carries more than 95% of the total copper in healthy human plasma and also plays a role in iron metabolism.

If the steroidal pathway into making DHEA is compromised due to xenoestrogens, nutrient deficiencies, channelopathies, cation dysfunction, genetics, poor digestion and assimilation, and other factors, then the weak adrenals will not be able to sufficiently produce the amount of DHEA needed to make the protein carrier ceruloplasmin which will accelerate aging for an individual.

In my practice, I base my holistic strategies on my interpretation of the Na/K ratio on a hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) which determines how well the adrenals are operating.

At the same time, my first priority is to address the listed detriments above hindering the production of DHEA in order to help patients age gracefully.

Now each case will be different as to the strategy employed that will address the above mentioned reasons as to why our adrenals and brain are not producing DHEA, this is why there is no cookbook protocol as to which strategy is employed until careful analysis of the biochemistry as well as the psychology and the constitution of the patient is properly assessed.

I like to run a hormone panel, GI panel, and a food sensitivity test to look at markers of inflammation as well, but I do not use Magnesium RBC or ceruloplasmin testing in my practice because at the foundation of my programs I get the most important information from HTMAs.

Knowing what drugs patients are on can and will influence any lab test (especially HTMAs) and can be misleading on the first test which is why a good medical history is important as well as HTMA follow-ups at least every 3 months to make the necessary adjustments and evaluate progress. 

*Just a side note on Magnesium RBC testing—it is not too informative because there is a 700:1 ratio of 700 ions of magnesium in the cell to 1 ion in the blood of an energetic healthy person. Most of the magnesium accounted for is in the mitochondria, and RBCs do not have mitochondria, so I think that the RBC test can be misleading in regards to the status of magnesium, but nothing wrong with gathering as much information as possible as every test has its beauties and its flaws.

When it comes to improving your adrenals, I recommend hitting the liver detoxes hard with a lot of coffee enemas and, depending on the patient, working up to gallbladder flushes, cation mud therapy, and PEMF therapy which are some of the best therapies to improve the adrenals.

Contact me to get your HTMA with interpretation and find out the state of your adrenals so we can implement the most effective healing protocol to improve your energy levels and overall well-being.