Why Magnesium Is Key To Healthy Adrenals

Your adrenals are always working around the clock. 

So, when we hear the reference “putting the adrenals to bed” in the world of mineral balancing, it is referring to energy conservation

Our American lifestyles have us continually abusing our adrenal glands by exercising too vigorously or working long hours on the job. 

We might also be wasting emotional energy in unhealthy relationships and excessive worries and fears. 

Over time, this will deplete the adrenal reserves because that wasted energy is needed to heal the bones, gut, kidneys, liver, adrenals, brain, heart, etc.  

When adding magnesium, you will be adding the mineral that is responsible for helping to produce the ATP needed to drive all cellular functions. 

When that energy picks up, it may push out a toxin and cause a possible aggravation. 

The magnesium is also the energy source that regulates the calcium when it releases a neurotransmitter in the synaptic cleft. 

Or perhaps the magnesium is stimulating a nerve that is not firing at the right frequency. 

Both of these scenarios can cause an aggravation. 

While these magnesium-driven mechanisms can cause symptoms, they are by no means exhausting the adrenal glands. 

Furthermore, I believe these symptoms are showing an absolute need for magnesium, whether it be for a nerve, neurotransmitter, or energy production for detoxification.

When you are balanced, your symptoms will begin to subside and you will begin to feel energy again.