Why Detox Is Important

One of the main points I try to emphasize with my patients is that healing is a marathon, and there are no magic bullets or quick fixes. 

My short list for success is simply hard work, persistency, resiliency, faith, guidance, minerals, and detox.  

Twenty years ago, detox was a word that we did not take very seriously. 

Maybe we told our friends that we were doing a 30-day juice fast or a 7-day liver flush, but cleanses were considered more of a fad.  

But now, detox must be the mantra of the day, as it is a survival technique to combat the toxic load handed down from the titans of industry. 

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We are now dealing with radiation, petrochemicals, glyphosates, heavy metals, and designer diseases. 

The age of toxicity is driving the human species to the next great extinction; not just the human species but all life forms.  

The lymes spirochete found in the Iceman Otzi 5300 years ago had only 27 genes. 

Yet, the lymes spirochete of today has morphed into 600+ genes in some of these species. 

We should see this as a big red flag since we know that this does not happen in nature. 

So, all of our chronic diseases and illnesses are the result of our swimming in a sea of toxicity. 

When you are complaining about doing your detox protocol or the time it takes to do daily health practices, you must change your attitude

Be thankful that you have the time and the opportunity to do the cleanses.  

We should also understand how serial HTMA is one of the BEST tools to assess the detox process. 

The hair test reveals the metals that are being evicted from the tissue compartments of the body. 

It will also tell us whether or not we should come in with kill agents. 

Additionally, we can see if we need to slow the detoxification down or ramp it up.  

Each time we go through a metal dump, we have a real fighting chance of dealing with the chronic infections.

At the end of the day, you will not address your lymes, candida, herpes, clostridium, or whatever infection until these metals begin to mobilize out of the body.

I've been harping on detoxifying the body for a long time, as we look at the children being born with damaged brains and the seniors who are aging and degenerating at a tremendously rapid rate. 

Our population needs fertility clinics to reproduce, and the average Joe is walking completely blindsided to the elephant in the room. 

So, healing is a life long journey, but it is well worth every sacrifice and penny along the way.