The Importance of Biliary Patency and Why Detox Takes Time

Many people have the misunderstanding that bile is a single thing unto itself.

However, bile is not a single entity, it is a solution.

Bile is a mixture of many things and a compilation of many compounds such as bile salts derived from cholesterol, bile pigments (hemolyzed RBC’s), and phospholipids.

It also contains electrolytes, trace minerals, and toxic waste from a lifetime of accumulating the pesticide residues and chemicals, metals, bacterias, yeast and viruses.

Phase one and two of liver detoxification breaks down these poisons and residues and packages it up to be dumped into the biliary system that you want to get into the toilet.

However, when the rate of build-up exceeds the rate of elimination, this begins the backup, instigating morphological changes in the liver cells. 

We know structure determines function, and as the liver changes morphologically this becomes the fibrous tissue adaptations which will eventually lead to a fatty liver or a sclerotic liver.

This will impede the thousand functions of the liver with escalating degrees of dysfunction.

Hence the importance of cleaning out the sewage system and the importance of the cleanses. 

Bile takes a lot of energy to create, so your body likes to reuse and recycle the bile.

But the problem is, your bile contains toxins

When old bile is flushed out from doing a coffee enema, new bile is created in its place.

The problem is, since the body also likes to recycle bile, some of the toxic bile released from the enema may get recycled with the mobilized toxins in it.

This is why you may feel fatigued or ill afterwards.

Taking binders before and after your coffee enema will help, as it ensures the toxins are grabbed and transported out of the body through cation exchange as you move the toxic bile out. 

So after 1 year of detox, you may have gotten to a small layer of your toxic load after many coffee enemas, but the body is layered with the garbage.

This is why being consistent and diligent along the way is important, as it takes time to get biliary patency in the millions of biliary canaliculi.

So as you continue the excavation of the toxins, there may be a small price to pay as you are purging out your malignant cancer cells along with all of your diseased necrotic tissues with the assortment of metals, chemicals, and infections that may leave you feeling like you were hit by a truck. 

This is why we need to perform the detox in a series, based on your vitality, to help minimize the detox effects.

This is just another reason why we use HTMA to gauge the vitality of the patient as we prep them for the detox.

I also personally love using homeopathic remedies to minimize the hit we take from the detox speed bump, that you must hit, and not avoid, if you really want to get yourself out of the many years of health perdition.