Do You Have This Powerful Detoxifier in Your Toolkit?

One of my goals as a doctor is to empower my patients with knowledge and tools that they can take into their everyday life in the hopes that someday they can be their own healers.

One of the tools I like to recommend to my patients is a single bulb infrared heat lamp.

This handy heat lamp is cheap, effective, and can easily and safely be used in the comfort of your own home.

If you’ve ever used the near-infrared sauna at my office in Lincoln Park, you will know how powerful a sauna session can be.

Think of this heat lamp as a mini, compact, and affordable version of my sauna.

While it is not as powerful as a full-sized infrared sauna, it still packs a powerful punch when symptoms flair up at home and a sauna isn’t available.

Here are just a few of the benefits of a single bulb infrared heat lamp:

  • Penetrates up to several inches in the body

  • Facilitates toxin release

  • Promotes healing and recovery post workout

  • Improved oxygenation and hydration of tissues

  • Kills infections like fungus, candida, and parasites

  • Kills viruses that cause flu, colds, etc.

  • Faster tissue and wound healing

  • Calms the nervous system

  • Improved circulation

Pretty good for a single infrared bulb which you can find on Amazon for a low cost!

You can get a high-end portable heater for your home or office from SaunaSpace.

All you have to do is plug in the lamp, set it on a surface, and shine the lamp anywhere on your body where you are experiencing pain, inflammation, infection, or stiffness of any kind.

You can also shine it on your stomach during an enema session to relax your nervous system and help toxins to be released from the liver.

It has also been reported to heal infections resistant to antibiotics and conventional treatment, such as UTI’s, sinus infections, tooth infections, toenail fungus, ear infections, and many more.

For infections, I’ve found it’s best to use the lamp multiple times a day for 10 minutes until symptoms improve.

Some precautions to take with a heat lamp: never shine the lamp directly into your eyes and close your eyes if you place it on your face (say, for treating a sinus infection).

You also want to make sure not to shine it too close to the body as not to burn yourself, I recommend being about 12″ to 24″ from the lamp.

If you use the lamp on your head, limit your sessions to 10 minutes maximum to avoid heating the brain.

Happy healing! Sign up for a free consultation with me to learn more about the tools and treatments that I have used to successfully heal my patients with chronic health problems.