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Please fill out this form and Dr. Selig will provide a complete assessment of your physical, mental, and emotional health in order to recommend a plan of action that includes specific tests, supplements, and therapies.

With over 20 years of experience helping patients suffering with chronic health problems, Dr. Selig along with his wife, Maria, work one-on-one to provide special care to each patient (local or long distance) by addressing mineral deficiencies and heavy metal toxicities to improve health at the cellular level.

Based on your evaluation, your custom plan will include hair tissue mineral analysis (and other testing if necessary), nutritional medicine, personalized diet plan, detoxification protocols, and therapeutic services to help you stay out of hospitals, doctor’s offices, and improve without the use of prescription medications.

Our most successful patients have strong self-discipline, so you must follow Dr. Robert Selig's plan 100% in order to see results. Because it takes time and sacrifice to achieve better health, we give 24/7 care by phone or text to help alleviate any pain or symptoms in order to help you heal quicker and more efficiently.

We respect your privacy and do not share your information.

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