Why There Is A Vitamin D Deficiency Epidemic

There is a vitamin D deficiency epidemic in our population. 

But before we look at his hormone-like vitamin, we must remember that the backbone of vitamin D synthesis comes from cholesterol

That cholesterol is a very special fat-like molecule that gives birth to our sex hormones and vitamin D, which could be classified as an androgen.  

The vitamin D would come to us in a couple ways–from the UVB to the skin and then converted to cholecalciferol, which is transported to the liver and bound to a vitamin D binding protein. 

The vitamin D could also come from plants as D2 or animal source as D3. 

The bottom line is that neither are biologically active and will get transported to the liver to be hydroxylated to 25-OH-D3. 

So again, all roads lead to the liver and most of our population has stagnant fatty livers, which in my mind is at the root of our vitamin D deficiency problem.

fatty liver back to natural health

However, the 25-OH-D3 still needs to be converted to 1,25 dihydroxycholecalciferol, which takes place in the kidneys. 

But if the kidneys are loaded with sand and/or crystals, this process can also get compromised as most of us today have poor liver and kidney function. 

kidney damage back to natural health

Of course, this goes under the medical radar because it is not an overt allopathic disease just yet.  

So, the most potent Vit D metabolite is 1,25-diOH-D3 whose job is to maintain adequate levels of Ca in the plasma and performs this function by:

1.) Increasing Ca uptake in the intestines (and just think about how many problems we have in our intestines)

2.) Minimizing loss of Ca by the kidneys

3.) Stimulating resorption/demineralization of bone when blood Ca is low. 

This is tightly regulated by the level of plasma phosphate and calcium, which is carried out by the thyroid/calcitonin and parathyroid/PTH. 

However, these glands are very superficial and exposed to toxins more so than almost any other endocrine glands, which may ultimately impede their function.  

All of this just to regulate Ca. 

Look, too, at all the ways these mechanisms can become compromised, whether it is sand in the kidneys, liver stagnation, gut issues, or thyroid/parathyroid toxicity of the glands. 

It is no wonder everyone in the western world is deficient in Vitamin D. 

Not to mention our phobia of the sun that leads us to block the sun with synthetic chemicals!

However, the main modulator of Ca is Mg, the #1 nutrient of the Sun. 

The proof for this is seen in chlorophyll, the blood of the plants that is responsible for making the entire food chain for this planet.

Remember that capturing the Sun energy through photosynthesis is dependent upon Mg. 

We can once again see this as the Sun nutrient because of the way it sparkles like the rays of the sun.

We think vitamin D is the sun nutrient, which is true to a lesser degree. 

But vitamin D cannot hold a candle to the magnificent power of Mg in relation to the Sun. 

Just think about how the sun is energy just like ATP-Mg is energy in the cell. 

Remember, Mg is also a cofactor for both Ca and Vit D, meaning it is required to activate these nutrients

As you take in Ca and Vit D, free Mg binds to these nutrients which in the law of balance is needed. 

So, we could say that excess Ca and Vit D supplementation depletes critical Mg stores. 

Mg has a vast number of other functions, which is why I have always said that it is the quarterback in the mineral matrix.  

Let's not forget that the currency of our cells is ATP

Every molecule of ATP must have a magnesium molecule to activate ATP and this is what every medical textbook should include Mg-ATP. 

Why do you think every medical textbook leaves this out? 

It is no wonder that MDs (mineral deficient) never understand that the best Ca blocker is Mg. 

In fact, we can say that Mg brings ATP to life!

Without Mg, your cells simply would not have the energy to carry out the processes that sustain life...