Why Is Candida So Complicated?

Candida is a stealth enemy causing a variety of pathological conditions with varying degrees of symptomology depending on the severity of this yeast infiltration.

Knowing that our population has been inundated with antibiotics, which increases the yeast by killing off good bacteria and allowing the yeast to proliferate as millions of woman can contest to a yeast infection after a dose of antibiotics.

Other drugs from big pharma increase gut dysbiosis and contribute to yeast overgrowth, especially birth control, by reducing the excretion rate of copper and estrogens causing copper accumulation to keep estrogens high all while decreasing magnesium and vitamin B6 to further worsen the pathology.

Then there’s the onslaught from vaccines loaded with pathogens and from our horrific food supply in which most of the antibiotics are found in our farm animals.

Not to mention the herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, and the fungicides which are loaded with copper to prevent the spread of fungal infections in plants, sprayed incessantly on our crops which have escalated the candida problem to epic proportions.

Those are just a few of the factors contributing to candida overgrowth in modern society.

Candida's metabolic metabolites produce harmful byproducts such as ethanol, acetaldehyde, arabitol and tartaric acid.

Leading to our foggy brains, crippling energy depletion, and mineral deficiencies resulting in every imaginable disease.

Yeast by-products produce arabinase which increases the oxalates in our system.

Oxalate acid anion will bind to calcium or any other +2 cation mineral or metal.

This crystal rock can notoriously become our kidney stones, but these precipitated crystal stone like particles can deposit anywhere in the body, not just our kidneys, but other organs and glands such as our brains, heart, thyroid and soft tissues.

Just imagine what an oxalate mercury stone can do! 

Candida is a higher organism unlike bacteria, as yeast DNA is organized into chromosomes and can produce some of the same hormones as humans do such as estradiol, as well as having receptors on the yeast cells for estradiol and cortisol.

These intelligent organisms also produce allergies of all types IgG, IgA, IgM, and IgE as well as producing immune suppressing toxic chemicals such as gliotoxins and mannans that suppress the immune system.

Gliotoxins  induce apoptosis in lymphocytes by a marked increase in cAMP.

Gliotoxins induce apoptosis in lymphocytes by a marked increase in cAMP.

Our immune cells, such as the lymphocytes, are activated by zinc, as yeast depletes zinc levels promoting toxic biounavailable copper, thereby increasing calcium as the mineral wheel spins in a vicious cycle because of yeast infiltration and mineral depletion

Yeast can also create autoimmune conditions due to its molecular mimicry, meaning the proteins of the microorganism are very similar to human proteins, inducing autoimmune conditions including the endocrine glands which may alter the human reproductive cycles, especially seen with endometriosis.

Estradiol stimulates the conversion of yeast to the more pathological hypha form of candida.

As the human genome is very similar to these microorganisms, the fact that we are injected with many of these toxic vaccines loaded with 100's of these many assortments of pathological microorganisms is devastating to our systems and greatly contributes to the problem at hand

Candida also produces proteolytic and lipolytic enzymes that disrupt intestinal mucosa membranes, leading to excessive food allergies associated with leaky gut.

Candida also has the ability to produce phospholipase A2, which happens to be the same constituents found in the poison venoms as seen in rattlesnakes, spiders and bee venoms.

This PLA2 is produced by the hypha form of the candida organisms.

Incidentally, high PLA2 is diagnostically seen in schizophrenia and other mental health challenges very commonly seen in autistic children.

Behind this candida epidemic, we must have a deeper understanding of copper and zinc, and the mineral matrix, as well as the heavy metal toxicities, if we are truly going to be successful at dealing with candida at its core.