What Is The Emotional Significance Of The Shoulder?

The shoulder is the most freely movable joint in the body, and typically the joints are what make us mobile and free. 

Thus, any restrictions on an energetic level can reveal where we have taken on too much of a rigid attitude or stance to something or someone. 

Let us remember that Saturn, the energy of order and structure, rules the bones and the skeletal system as whole. 

Metaphysically, we can interpret this as a time when we lose flexibility and freedom in life. 

We are being too stern and unyielding. 

So, it shows up in the shoulder, where there’s a loss of mobility. 

The opposite pole of Saturn is Jupiter, which is growth and expansion

This energy comes in to balance out Saturn’s rigidity and prevents us from becoming too set in our ways.  

Because if we don’t change our attitude, we are setting ourselves up for calcification in the body.  

This is a great question that brings us back to the wisdom of: “As above, so below.” 

It is a reminder that our psyches and emotional world are deeply connected to our physical, tangible reality. 

Our symptom begins as a seed in the form of a thought, belief, or subconscious behavior

If not dealt with, it grows into that symptom or disease. 

Yet, our illness is a blessing in disguise, as it becomes the ultimate guide on our healing journey. 

We simply need to use it as a mirror and see it as feedback for where we are on our path. 

We can choose to use it as a driving force to make great changes and gain the wisdom through these experiences. 

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