Magnesium and the Secret Chamber of the Heart

Magnesium is the ambassador of the Sun's magnetic force, culminating in its earthly experience with the birth of chlorophyll. 

This, we know, is the blood of the plants or the juice of life. 

So we could say that without the magnetic force of magnesium, there is no photosynthesis. 

In essence, there is no life without magnesium

That alone explains why we want to explore the magnetic spark of the Sun captured in the majestic ions of the mineral magnesium.  

We can see how the magic of this mineral plays out in us from the very beginning in the womb. 

Fetal circulation happens in a one-chambered heart, as the dividing wall called the septum has a hole in it. 

In other words, the fetal heart is circulating blood in a one-chambered heart. 

From the moment of our birth, we draw our first breath and thus, enter into polarity. 

The dividing wall of the septum closes automatically by reflex action, as the one-chambered heart becomes two.  

So we see then how two hearts must come together to function as one. 

Thus, out of two-ness grows oneness. 

After all, the heart is the symbol of love and unity, which is reflected by the mother carrying her child in her heart. 

With the first breath, the blood receives the magnetic charge in the “secretest chamber of the heart,” where “the spirit of life” is animated by the sun’s light and captured in the magic metal magnesium

Through this alchemical process, the Sun enables magnesium to charge the iron-rich blood that carries the magnetism to every one of our trillions of cells.  

Stay tuned for more on this magic mineral in my new book on minerals coming out next year!