Is There a Place and Time for Muscle Testing?

Muscle testing is another great tool when utilized properly. 

It can also be a tool to control perceived outcomes when this modality is not used properly by the clinician or even by the patient. 

A healthy dose of skepticism is necessary in these cases. 

But in my practice, we only use muscle testing in context with the medical history, HTMA, labs, and the patient’s current status.  

muscle testing back to natural health

I find it to be extremely helpful when I am on the fence between remedies or doses. 

For example, if I want to give 30 Mg of zinc but think that may be too much, I muscle test to see if their body can tolerate the 30 mg of zinc. 

If not, I may start with 15 mg of zinc. 

I can always retest later down the road to see if they are ready for the 30 mg of zinc.  

Muscle testing is especially effective when deciding on a homeopathic remedy. 

I may have found up to 7 remedies that fit the case profile for a particular patient. 

I can then use muscle testing to go through each remedy and see which holds the strongest for the patient. 

So, muscle testing definitely has its place, but again, it must be used in the right context.

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