A Biochemistry Lesson That Could Save Your Life

When we eat carbohydrates, or for that matter, proteins and fats, the body will break them down into glucose, which the cells can use for energy called 'ATP'.

The end product of glucose metabolism is CO2 and water.

Carbon dioxide is a strong acid and needs to be converted into carbolic acid, a lesser acid, so that the body will be able dispose of this intelligently.

So, the body will convert the water and CO2 molecules into carbolic acid that can be transported to the lungs and kidneys for proper disposal.

The formula to convert water + CO2 into carbolic acid is zinc dependent.

If you have low levels of zinc, you will be creating an acidic environment in which all diseases will manifest.

Remember, zinc is responsible for over 400 enzymatic pathways in the body and this example is just one of the 400 functions of zinc.

In fact, zinc is truly the crowning achievement of mankind because it is responsible for the development of the neocortex, our higher brain.

Also, without zinc you will not make insulin, and you will not make TRH or TSH, which are the building blocks for making our thyroid hormone.

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Is it not astonishing to see that we have an insulin and thyroid epidemic in this country and nobody tests the status of our zinc levels?

One mineral in the mineral system and all of its functions are critical for human health, but we don't test to see if we have a deficiency.

Yet, we will peddle pharmaceutical drugs like candy thinking we can fix our chronic conditions when, in actuality, these drugs will worsen the already deficient minerals.

How’s that for insanity considering we have a health epidemic of alarming proportions, and all the while we never looked at the nutrient deficiencies.

One test called an Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) can reveal you mineral nutrient status, and the smart money is on deficiencies and toxicities as the likely culprit behind your thyroid, insulin, prostate, and many other chronic health problems.

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HTMA has truly been a game changer for every one of my patients and anyone who takes their health seriously.