What Most People Die From (And How You Can Avoid It)


When calcium precipitates out of solution, it can store anywhere in any soft tissue, correct?

So how does the body remove this calcium, once it is in the tissue where it does not belong?


Calcification will get us all in the end, or we could say that Saturn, the undertaker, is making its return. 

It will come when we're old, but it can even manifest in younger people as premature aging

So even without an HTMA, you could bet that this soft tissue calcification is going on if you have chronic aches and pains in the bones, joints, and muscles

It's occurring with loss of motion in the joints and any boney deformity including the bunions, bone spurs, and osteophytes

It is the culprit in cataract formations, loss of hearing/otosclerosis, wrinkles, cellulite, cysts, crystallization, and metastatic calcification

Of course, we also have the hardening of the soft tissues, including atherosclerosis of any artery in the body. 

Hardening in the tissues then causes decreased cell permeability, which disrupts nutrient and hormone flow in and out of cells. 

All stone formations in the body whether gallstones, kidney stones, salivary stones, etc. are caused by...you guessed it! 


It is all plaquing in the teeth and brain; it is the fibrin and scar tissue depositions in any organ, gland, or tissue of the body. 

So yes, when we see high Ca on an HTMA, you better believe this is premature aging, as Saturn makes it return.  

In addition, a concept largely ignored in medical circles is calcium nanobacteria, which are shell-forming, coral-like microorganisms that form the biofilms of disease.

These budding clusters of biofilms can remain in a state of dormancy by hiding and clogging the systems for years. 

This ultimately forms an outer, armored layer that is impenetrable to your immune system. 

Herein lies the new storage facility for the many toxins of metals and petrochemicals that form your scar tissue. 

Furthermore, the microbes with other acids including oxalates, urates, phosphates, lactates, hydroxyapatites, combine with calcium to add to the snowball effect known as premature aging.

How do you think our bones and teeth are breaking down?

It is these acid-calcium microbes breaking down the joints, and bones, as they eat away the bone matrix.

This inflammatory process lays down more calcifying cement as we become excessively stiff, rigid, and corpse-like in this Saturn process of calcification.

These calcium-forming organism infections continually multiply and colonize the body over one's lifetime until one dies of calcification disease

So what to do about it is the million dollar question... 

The well-known calcium replacement theory that we must eat calcium to replace calcium for our bones has led to more suffering than just about any other theory developed by mankind.

This was based on Lavoisier's Law, which states that a mineral is a mineral and cannot be changed. 

The Alchemists never bought into this nonsense, as Ernest Rutherford in 1919 indicated that Lavoisier was incorrect. 

In fact, Rutherford found that radiation could change one mineral into another. 

Later down the road in the 1950's, a French scientist Kervran discovered that multiple types of low energy transmutations of one mineral into another were occurring inside living organisms and were also naturally happening in the biosphere and geosphere. 

Kervran's work led to the discovery that supplemental magnesium and silica could remineralize the calcium in the bones, which means that Magnesium and Silica are being biologically transmuted into calcium in the bones! 

As I've always said, when there's a problem, there's always a solution. 

Luckily, our modern technology provides us with the HTMA blueprint to get a better picture of what is happening in our mineral matrix that is causing our disease.