The Detox Dance

All toxic metals are in hiding and there must be some pecking order in how they are released.

If you were to dump all the toxic metals that have accumulated since birth in one dump, you would more than likely die.

The toxic metals that we are referring to are mercury, cadmium, arsenic, aluminum, copper, and lead.

This detox of metals does not include iron—in my experience, I have never seen iron move more than 1.2 one way or another.

As the physical constitution becomes stronger and increases protein synthesis via the adrenals picking up, then the body can make these protein carriers to escort these toxic metals out of the body.

But then again, escorting toxic metals out of the body will also depend on the portals of elimination being open, and on your digestion working, as the body orchestrates which metals to release, and when to dump them.

This is why the body is layered, as the body has been forced to adapt to this insult of industrialization which has poisoned every inch of our planet.

However, if the energetics of copper are not in harmony with the energy of the planet Venus within your psyche—meaning that you have not resolved your emotional conflicts within, your relationships to lovers, friends, family, peers, nature, etc.—then psychically it will hold a charge, and the copper will remain unbound and under-utilized while oxidizing the organ or gland that symbolically represents your conflict.

What I’m saying is, the body is more prone to accumulate toxic metals that hold the energy of emotional conflicts yet to be healed.

That is one reason why some people will avoid copper toxicity despite being exposed to just as much copper as the copper toxic individual.

This is the part were healing meets consciousness.

Oxidation is inflammation as the inflammation is hidden in the deeper layers of our psyche, like as our disappointments and failures, dropped opportunities, and all our losses and misfortunes, as well as every other conceivable 'bad thing', that we put the blame on.

As well as poor mothering, lead in the environment, born under a bad star, McDonald's, or whatever excuse that comes in handy to defend our position of righteousness.

So maybe we resolve one layer of our inner conflict, and dump the metal, but then we have another 6 layers to go, before we get to deep bone, as the toxins that lay deep in the marrow of the bone continue to affect our blood quality and our immune function.

So if we do not get resolution of the 'inter-conflicts' within our own psyche, then our cellular community pays the price.

I do believe before we go digging in the minefield of the psyche, that we do need to focus on the basics, as we won’t have the energy to resolve our conflicts or break through our shell without a deeper understanding of the hidden meaning of our illnesses.

All toxins end up as a part of our genetic inherited weaknesses, or you could say our constitutional weaknesses.

These toxins can take residency in any traumatized areas that our bodies have experienced.

They merge as a part of our birth traumas, our emotional traumas, our vaccine injuries, our accidents, our surgeries, or any sort of insult to an area of the body that we may have had, including our brain concussions.

They can also be mapped out via a birth chart showing where and when you will be most vulnerable to your constitutional weaknesses, which are disguised as our curse, but inevitably destined be a great gift, if cultivated and understood.

These toxins cause a wave of depolarization in the tissues causing an interference in the auric field.

You could say that this depolarization in the tissues causes a meridian to go offline, sedating the organs, the glands, and the tissues along that meridian.

Our stress level can also be measured via the Na/K ratio, to the degree that depolarization of our cells truly affects cell permeability, which then allows the nutrients in, and the toxins out.

In essence, a depolarization of tissues will cause a derangement of the tissues where cell permeability becomes compromised.

This is what eventually affects our physiology and then manifests as our symptoms.

The toxins love to hide out in impenetrable fortresses called a biofilm, and this is the reason why antibiotics have failed.

As the stronger micro organisms seek refuge in these biofilms, they regroup and transform into formidable enemies.

As we heal and repair our DNA, there will be a retracing of all old symptoms that have been suppressed.

We might call the retracing an aggravation, a herxsheimer reaction or a detox symptom, which can also be manifested as our psychological symptoms, our anxieties, depressions, fears, and phobias, as we retrace the old patterns that got buried in the layers, but are never forgotten.

The job of a practitioner in mineral re-balancing is not to avoid the aggravations of retracing–whether it be a psychological or physical symptom that surfaces.

Our job is to make this journey understandable, tolerable, and doable, as we prepare you to go through this process, as we build you up physically, and prepare you mentally—so you do not think that you are dying, getting worse, or going crazy—while dumping toxic metals or retracing old patterns.

This experience is very important along the detox journey to health.

If we do not go through it, it will eventually consume us one way or another.

Contact us to get started on your journey to better health and let us guide you through the process to help you learn practices to improve your chronic symptoms.