How Are Heavy Metals Excreted From The Body?

Anytime we try to force heavy metals out of the body with chelation therapy (aside from cases of acute poisoning), we will be setting ourselves up for disaster–especially if the body does not have an adequate supply of the preferred minerals that the heavy metals have taken the place of.

Releasing heavy metals is a process of getting to the layers. 

If I removed all mercury ions from a patient, took the same mercury that came out and put it in a syringe, and injected it back into that same patient, they would die.

The innate intelligence of the body would not release the toxic metals until the internal conditions of the body are adequate to release the metal in a safe manner.

This means that the metals will slowly be released when the body has enough energy and vitality to do so–under no circumstance would the body push out a large amount of toxic metals the way chelation therapy promotes.

This would put the body at risk and the metal may redistribute itself to other organs if it is not effectively eliminated.

It needs to be understood that heavy metals accumulate over a lifetime from various bouts of exposure.

We are exposed to them in many different ways, from our food to the toxic pollution in our air and water, to beauty products, to medications.

Here’s an example:

First, there is the mercury we are exposed to in utero, then the exposure in childhood from the vaccines, antibiotics, and medications, then there is the toxic food supply consisting of GMOs, artificial colorings, and unnatural ingredients.

Then maybe you breathe the air from the coal mining plant nearby, or you live close to a crematory causing you to inhale vaporized mercury, or you eat canned tuna and drink Coca-Cola from an aluminum can.

You may visit the dentist and get fitted for braces and your teeth get filled with more toxic metals.

Maybe as a teenager, you smoked and ate junk food–all while burning the candle at both ends stressing about love, sex, and fitting in.

This creates an excessive depletion of the body’s core nutrients and mineral reserves which sets oneself up for infections by compromising the immune system.

Then maybe the patient works as a welder, or a hair colorist, or in some factory, adding to their toxic exposure, and thus accumulating even more toxic metals.

All of these toxins hide away in our fat tissue and in our vital organs.

As illustrated above, the typical individual grows up being exposed to an abundance of toxic chemicals until there is finally a collapse of the energy systems of the body sometime later in life.

This toxic load creates an acidic environment so the body will need to use alkalizing minerals to deal with this–all at the expense of using up these alkalizing minerals that are needed for other enzymatic functions.

This is what creates symptoms.

Eventually, sacrificial alkalizing minerals such as Molybdenum (Mo) in mcg (microgram) amounts are used up in the body.

The body will use mg (milligram) amounts of the alkaline minerals until they are used up, and eventually, it will use the primary electrolyte minerals to deal with the acidic state of the body.

That's when calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium become aberrant–creating any and every disease under the sun.

Detox is not a linear process because the body has made many adaptations by putting these toxic metals deep into the tissues which are layered throughout the body for the good of the whole system.

Maybe the toxins are in Tissue A, B, C, and D, but when the excavation begins, the body may only dig up Tissue C because the other tissues are using these metals in some way, shape, or form in absence of the preferred and deficient minerals.

This is why it is of vital importance that the preferred minerals are coming in through diet and supplementation while cutting back on the toxic exposure.

Before considering chelation, we first need to have adequate adrenal strength.

For proper adrenal strength, we need raw materials (which will escort the toxic metals out) as Metallothionein, Ceruloplasmin, Ferritin, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Glutathione.

We need to focus on the importance of cleaning out the liver so that the factory in the liver can create these important materials.

We also need to clean out the gut so that we can absorb the nutrients intelligently.

This is why detox is not just taking zeolite and chlorella and expecting the metals will be safely eliminated (although I do like these products and do use them at the right time).

The real key to success is using serial Hair Tissue Mineral Analyses and sound nutritional detox protocols.

It has taken a lifetime to accumulate these metals, and it will take time to release them safely–which is why monitoring the program with HTMA allows us to make necessary adjustments along the way while being able to predict when a patient will dump a metal.

We cannot fully predict which metal will be dumped from the body next, but we can estimate when we believe a patient is building the energy reserves in the body to start mobilizing a toxic metal.

That is when we can prepare the patient psychologically so that he or she will be ready for the dumping of a metal–which can vary from innocent aggravations to the unpleasant extremes.

Some may quit the program because of these conditions, so it is our job to be by your side helping you through the process.

By estimating when I think people will start 'dumping', it allows me to explain to the patient how we are going to get them through it.

This is why serial HTMA’s are vital to making the detox approachable and doable.

Every time we dump a toxic metal, we are dumping out our cancer, Alzheimer's, calcium deposits, and more.

With each metal dump, we raise the level of health and vitality of the body as the mineral matrix starts to find balance after a lifetime of deficiency and toxicity.

Building real health takes time and requires that we respect the innate intelligence of the body and not try to take shortcuts along the way.

Real health is built over the course of years with healthy habits, detoxification, and adequate mineral levels which are the spark plugs of life.

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Dr. Robert Selig