Your BIOCHEMISTRY makes you unique so you deserve special attention.

Dr. Robert Selig works with patients one-on-one to discover what is at the root of chronic health problems by using various services that address the body as a whole instead of separate systems.

Each patient will receive a complete health analysis using advanced testing such as Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), Organic Acids Testing (OAT), and GI Map Testing which have each been revolutionary in revealing nutrient deficiencies, heavy metal toxicities, and chemical imbalances correlating with most chronic health issues.

We offer long-term care for patients worldwide to address health problems and prevent them from worsening under a custom treatment plan.


Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) | The most important test that we recommend for all patients. Advanced cellular testing that reveals a blueprint of the body's mineral matrix. Dr. Selig provides an expert analysis to help you understand the results and address the mineral deficiencies and heavy metal toxicities at the root of your chronic health problems.

Organic Acids Testing (OAT) | A comprehensive metabolic snapshot of a patient’s overall health with over 70 markers. An OAT offers an accurate evaluation of intestinal yeast and bacteria. Abnormally high levels of these microorganisms can cause or worsen behavior disorders, hyperactivity, movement disorders, fatigue, and immune function.

GI Map Testing | A way to detect parasites and gut bacteria, gluten intolerance and other food sensitivities, hyperactivity, leaky gut syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, chronic fatigue, constipation, and fibromyalgia.

Chronic Disease Management | An integrated care approach to managing chronic illness which includes screenings, check-ups, monitoring and coordinating treatment, and patient education. It can improve your quality of life by preventing or minimizing the effects of a chronic disease while reducing your healthcare costs.

Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy | The use of a specific force in a precise direction that helps normalize spinal function. These adjustments help return the bones to a normal position or motion, restoring body's natural healing.

PEMF Therapy | Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy eliminates cancer and tumor cells, reduces inflammation and pain in back, neck, and joints, increases energy levels, and decreases feelings of depression.

Food Allergy Panel | The most reliable method of identifying food allergies and sensitivities that trigger either an immediate or delayed immune response in the body.

Hormone Panel | A method for identifying chemical imbalances that result in sickness and chronic disorders.

Traditional Chinese Medicine | A style of traditional medicine informed by modern medicine and built on a foundation of more than 2,500 years of Chinese medical practice that includes various forms of herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage (tui na), exercise (qigong), and dietary therapy.

Homeopathy & Natural Medicine | Based on years of research, we've hand-selected and imported the best quality nutritional supplements and herbs from around the world to give you maximum results.

Detoxification | Learn the necessary detoxification protocols that will efficiently remove toxins and foreign chemicals from your body such as coffee enema therapy, infrared saunas, niacin therapy, binders, dry skin brushing, homeopathic organ support, foot ionizers, mineral balancing, qigong, and more.

Common Cold & Flu | Never get sick again is our motto. We help you live a life away from the doctor and out of the hospital. We’ll introduce you to more effective ways to help reduce cold and flu symptoms naturally.

Genetic Testing | Our medical testing is used to identify changes in chromosomes, genes, and proteins to confirm or rule out a suspected genetic condition. It also helps determine chances of developing or passing on a disorder.

Skin Improvement | As a result of getting toxins out of your system, balancing hormones, and giving your body the right nutrition, you will see an improved glow to your skin with less problems like eczema, dermatitis, and acne.

Weight Loss & Custom Nutrition Plan | Naturally, your body will begin balancing itself out as you maintain a healthier weight with smarter food choices and better habits. Our tests indicate foods that contribute to your health symptoms so you’ll find out what you need to be avoiding, the best foods based on your biochemistry, and how you can plan and prepare nutritious meals.

Emotional Freedom Techniques | Emotional stress will impede the natural healing potential of the human body and derail your entire healing plan. We help our patients suffering through emotional traumas by using alternative medicine, acupuncture, neuro-linguistic programming, energy medicine, and Thought Field Therapy (TFT).

Kinesiology Testing | Used to diagnose and treat nervous system problems, to test muscle strength, measure nutritional deficiencies, and discover imbalances in the body’s energy pathways.

Infrared Saunas | Proven to increase circulation in the body–helping relax muscles to relieve chronic muscle and joint pain. An increase in heart rate and perspiration can also aid in weight loss because it burns a substantial amount of calories.

WICO Testing and Scoring | Wellness Index Condition Optimal Testing is critical for identifying and reversing pre-diabetes, preventing chronic health conditions, and finding the root cause of symptoms caused by food allergies/sensitivities and nutritional deficiencies.

Acute Care, Injuries, & Worker's Comp. | Short-term treatment for a severe injury, episode of illness, an urgent medical condition, or recovery from surgery.

*Long distance patients will receive recommendations for services and therapies we cannot provide based on location.