The ONE Test That Can Prevent You From Having A Heart Attack

A blood test will never reveal the true status of the mineral matrix of the body.

This is because minerals are found inside of the cellswhere all of the action takes place.

For example, take a look at magnesium.

The mineral concentration in the cell to the concentration in the blood stream is 700 to 1 in a healthy energetic person.  

This means that we should have 700 molecules of magnesium inside of the cell to 1 molecule of magnesium in the blood.

It is evident that we have a magnesium crisis in this country today. 

A magnesium deficiency unfortunately does NOT show up on a blood test.

It can be lethal if you have a magnesium deficiency in your heart cells because it can lead to a heart attack.  

A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is the only test in existence that can accurately prevent you from having a fatal heart attack. 

This test has saved many lives and may actually save yours.