How Eye Health Relates to the Liver

Will mineral balancing help with eye health? I see so many with eye problems as they age!

As we age, the first to go is hearing and vision. 

A problem in the eye, whether it be a retinal issue, a cataract, or the like, will mean that there’s a problem in the liver

Perhaps the drainage portals in the eye are clogged, which increases the optic pressure, or the rate of protein buildup in the lens is faster than the rate of removal–which leads to cataracts.

This is why when we have tunnel vision or symptom myopia, we miss the big picture. 

We always look for the herb or supplement to fix the eye, while never addressing the liver-biliary system that has been clogged for decades until it finally resulted in your symptom.

So mineral balancing is not about fixing symptoms. 

Instead, it is about giving you a perspective of the aberrant mineral patterns on an HTMA that resulted from decades of deficiencies, toxicities, symptom suppression, emotional suppression, and the other 10 billion reasons why your health has deteriorated. 

So the focus is on getting healthy and understanding how all roads lead to the liver and the kidney-adrenal complex. 

With serial HTMAs employed as our guides, we start to address the deficiencies, toxicities, and blood sugar imbalances all while rebuilding, excavating, detoxing the liver, and restoring the kidney jing.

So the next time you think in terms of symptoms, remember that this is not a search for the magic pill that brings about instant relief. 

Rather, it is a journey that takes time, reflection, and hard work. 

Remember too, that the physical symptoms reflect back the subconscious. 

As the old saying goes, “What is it I do not want to hear?” or “What is it that I do not want to see?” 

With an HTMA, we can also see patterns of the psyche, which is why we prescribe meditations and homeopathic remedies for you to meet and defeat those inner demons showing up as your physical symptoms.