Does Buying Multivitamins Seem Like a Waste of Money?

Nutritional therapy programs must be designed based on each patient's biochemical individuality, which understands the genetic and epigenetic complexities that make each human unique.

These programs are based on the assessment of the individual’s overall metabolic pattern as seen through your Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.

Everyone is an individual and therapy should be designed for the individual as opposed to a cookbook protocol of “take this multivitamin” or “take your vitamin D."

OB/GYNs say that every woman should be put on preset prenatal vitamins, however this has created a modern day health disaster. 

This misinformation has led to the critical health decline of our babies.

The infants born today are the worst generational offspring produced in human history—validated by the alarming cognitive and physical decline of our young population.

It is not prudent—in my opinion—to attempt the nutritional treatment of individuals with preconceived notions that everybody needs the same amounts of minerals and vitamins.  

The nation’s health has suffered as a result of these packaged protocols.

In fact, we have a population that is sicker than ever and we are producing babies with medical nightmares.

I believe it is time to rethink our health and nutritional programs and design them based on your beautiful biochemical individuality.