Are You Fighting A Chronic Infection?

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is a clinical gem for determining if you have a chronic bacterial infection. 

If the ratio of Iron to Copper on your HTMA test is greater than 2 to 1 coupled with a low Na/K (Sodium/Potassium) ratio below a 1 to 1, you can pretty much guarantee that you have a long-term bacterial infection. 

What will make this bacterial condition worse is supplementing with Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Zinc which all are antagonistic to Copper

A Copper deficiency will predispose any organism, human, or animal to bacterial infections—which is why Copper below a 1 on an HTMA is seen very frequently in metastatic cases.

Bacteria need iron from the blood to proliferate because it is their main fuel supply.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Results

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Results

Therefore, the innate intelligence of the body will sequester the Iron from the blood, cut off the food supply for the bacteria, and deposit the Iron into the tissues. 

This is indicated on an HTMA by high Iron levels relative to Copper along with low blood serum levels of Iron.

Concurrently, the Copper will be pulled from the tissue/organs to be sequestered into the blood to fight the opportunistic bacteria. 

This will be indicated by low Copper levels on a hair tissue biopsy and elevated amounts of Copper in the blood.

As previously stated, a low NA/K ratio is another indicator of a bacterial infection

The low Na/K ratio shows me that you are in a state of adrenal burnout (fatigue) due to toxins, infections, metals, and other stressors

More than likely, you will see a Na/K inversion, which is indicative of a compromised immune system. 

That is unless the dumping of a heavy metal has led to a pseudo Na/K inversion

Sodium is mostly an aldosterone response and Potassium is mostly a cortisol response.

If you have had chronic digestion issues, deficiencies on previous blood tests, or even low energy, it's a good idea to get your ratios checked to ensure you don't have any underlying infections that are hindering your health.