How To Safely Enjoy The Sun Without Toxic Chemicals

In today’s world there is a war on the sun.

Dermatologists warn you not to be in the sun too long or else you’ll get a nasty burn that could turn into skin cancer.

They tell you to slather on sunscreen filled with parabens and chemicals that can end up doing more harm than good in the long run.

In fact, the toxic sunscreen is more likely to give you skin cancer than the sun is!

The truth is, there is no need to avoid the sun or buy toxic products to protect you from the sun.

Sun exposure is crucial in order to get adequate amounts of vitamin D that most people are deficient in today.

Without the sun, life would cease to exist on this planet, so don’t you think it’s just a little important to get out there and enjoy it?

The sun is GOOD for your health, not bad! 

That being said, since we are so used to sitting inside at the office all day and don’t get the amount of the sun that we used to, it’s important to build up your exposure gradually.

Start with 10-15 minutes a day between 11 AM and noon when the UVB index is the highest to ensure that you are getting all of the benefits without the burn.

UVB rays are needed in order for the oils in your skin to produce vitamin D, and UVB rays are most plentiful in the early afternoon for most regions.

From there, you can work your way up to 20, 25, 30 minutes without the need for sunscreen.

You can rub coconut oil or any other nut or seed oil into the skin to provide some UV protection while also helping your skin to absorb vitamin D since it’s a fat soluble vitamin.

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It can also be helpful to wear a hat and light clothing to help further protect you from the sun, especially if you have fair skin.

If you are going to be in the sun for a prolonged period of time, like at the beach or on a hike, below are a few of my favorite non-toxic sunscreen products:

Comment below and tell us what your favorite sunscreen products ARe!

Happy Summer!